Spider-Man: Edge of Time is Better Than a 61 Metacritic Score | GoozerNation

GoozerNation recently sat down to play the latest Spider-Man game and they completely disagree with the other critics, who say Edge of Time is not as good as Shattered Dimensions. Regardless, Edge of Time is a fun, challenging and beautiful game to play.

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puffkix2617d ago

Sounds like an awesome game. I haven't played a Spidey game since Ultimate back in 2005...

psb2617d ago

Well, I might give this a spin once it gets into the bargain bin.

e-p-ayeaH2617d ago

lol who takes the metacritic score seriously is a dumb nerd.

ShaunCameron2616d ago

A lot of "hardcore" gamers do. LOL

Quagmire2616d ago

Not entirely. It does take a collective stance on the overall reception of the game. Of course that may or may not contradict personal preference, it all depends on whether you like it yourself upon having played it.

Its like saying anyone who takes the political voting serious is stupid.

e-p-ayeaH2616d ago

political voting is far beyond than just mere opinions.

gravemaker2617d ago

its not, its horrible game

Rampaged Death2617d ago

From what I've seen it's really boring. They should go back to the open world.

Ahasverus2616d ago

or linear world, with an interesting theme this time, not an office building

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