Battlefield 3 New Details On Weapon Recoil And High Resolution Texture Pack For Consoles

"Battlefield 3 launch is closing in and we have got some new details for you from Johan Andersson, Rendering Architect and Alan Kertz, Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3."

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Wizziokid2655d ago

this is going to distract me from uni work...

chriski3332655d ago

Yea can't wait I have my week vacation that week so im gonna play the crap outta battlefield 3 ;)

blackhammer2655d ago

Thanksgiving? Haha, I'm actually intending to leave my computer that whole friggin' week! Dammit, I might not be able to.

Nevermind, it's going with me! XD

Cenobia2655d ago


I did the exact same thing.

Undeadwolfy2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

@Wizziokid Im in the same boat as you, and I'm doing game design lololol.

DirtyLary2655d ago

"High Resolution Texture Pack For Consoles"

Hell of an oxymoron.

KwietStorm2655d ago

Don't you people ever get tired of the same routine? It's kind of sad now.

zeksta2655d ago

Eh, he's slow I'd presume.

Gameplay9992655d ago

So.. we just install the game onto the Xbox 360 and it takes advantage of the systems running off the hard drive? Awesome. Finally. . .

KillaManiac2654d ago

It's very useful for any system.
I always do this on all my systems and welcome big installs on my 360 and ps3.

People take these kind of things as negative, but it only helps run the game better.

AO1JMM2655d ago

Earned yourself a trolling bubble. You're welcome.

EazyC2655d ago

Any of you guys who were left in doubt after the beta, type 'Bazaar Battlefield 3' on Youtube and look at how the PS3 version (and I assume 360 will be the same) has improved from the Beta... Amazing. Truly.

qwertyz2655d ago Show
Kleptic2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Yeah that went up on IGN yesterday I think...and looks significantly better than the beta...ESPECIALLY the shadows, they are much softer looking now...They didn't say 'this is the PS3 version' or anything, I just noticed the button icons popping up and couldn't believe it...

I also didn't realize until like the last day of the beta that almost every light, even in Metro, was able to be destroyed indoors...definitely helped out when defending certain areas...

the weather effects where great too...

and could someone be sure and inform me if qertyz said something relevant...any time I see his name I skip past the text underneath it...The last time i read something of his I could literally feel myself getting dumber...

The Real Peter Moore2655d ago

He said exactly what you'd expect. All his pc bullsh!t

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The story is too old to be commented.