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VGW: With Forza 3 only two years old it, may seem easy to dismiss the release of Forza Motorsport 4 on the Xbox 360 as a simple update that delivers more of the same. We wouldn’t suggest that, as Turn 10 Studios has revved things up in the series to deliver the most completely polished, diverse and entertaining racing sim outing yet.

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ironwolf2661d ago

Another top notch score.

StanLee2661d ago

I'm waiting for the guys over at Inside Sim Racing's review. They have really thorough reviews and they're the guys who play these types of games everyday.

JellyJelly2661d ago

Yeah, those guys do the best reviews for these kind of games.

@Maddens - Why are you trolling Forza reviews instead of playing GT5? Didn't you guys get a huge update or something? Yet you rather spend your time trolling Forza articles instead of playing it. THAT good, huh?

Everyone except you and a handful of deluded morons on N4G seem to think that Forza 4 is an amazing driving simulator. Almost all reviews for it have been positive and it has tons of pre-orders. But yeah, everyone else is probably crazy while you are the sane one. ;)

Maddens Raiders2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

From the artice:

"The two-year iterative approach that Turn 10 takes with the Forza series means that the graphical changes that we see from game to game aren’t as dramatic as some of its competitors...."

"While Forza 4 doesn’t feature a day/night cycle...."

"Overall Kinect provides an additive experience to Forza 4 without detracting from the rest of the game. It may not be something most will use on a regular basis..." additive experience..??

"For all its luster though, Autovista probably makes for a better game showpiece than something players will regularly come back to..."

" While Forza Motorsport 4 does come with a number of preset modes such as Car Bowling, Car Soccer, Cat & Mouse...."

"With over 500 cars and 22 tracks..."

"Personally, I use simulation steering, ABS brakes on, brake-only racing lines, TCS on, Stability Control off with manual gear shifting..." LOL, what?

plus he failed to mention that you can't tune cars in the lobby whilst online racing....really???

folks, this is not a serious racing sim for real gearheads. I would love to see Lucas Ordonez or Jann Mardenborough write a review for this game...

Forza_is_King2661d ago

Here you are again with your desperate attempt to try and convince people that Forza 4 is not a sim.

You pick a bunch of random quotes of features in the game and then make the argument that its not a sim, yet the quotes you pick don't back up your argument. How does the quote "500 cars and 22 tracks" support your argument that its not a sim?

You are so desperate to try and convince people that Forza 4 is not a sim that you lose direction when trying to argue your point and fail to back it up using quotes that hold nothing to back up your argument.

baodeus2661d ago


well at least he showed that he read the article, which not many people do before posting on n4g. It is a good start, so what next?

I suggest Madden to improve his reading comprehension.

Noticeably_FAT2661d ago

I'm unboxing my Limited Edition right now!

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ALICE6662661d ago

Meanwhile aussies get scrrwed yet again and have to wait for the 13th :(

iamgoatman2661d ago

Don't forgot us Brits, 13th here as well.

Damn yanks!

tickticktick2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

With all these great scores so far I guess it really is definitive.