8.0 Edge Magazine: Forza Motorsport 4 review

Forza might be getting familiar, but it's still a more exciting drive than Gran Turismo 5.

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kingdoms2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )


Some sites trying to lower FZ4 score with cleverly disguised bitterness.


Are you buying it? ;)

GoldenPheasant2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

so an xbox game exclusive is not allowed to get...what...below 9.5?

Call it trolling, but I've made it a habit to go into F4 articles and look at the clever comments. Awesome, not only do you get the usual IGN, Kotaku like sites, but now we also have reviews from to That burlap sack with a dollar sign on it sure likes to travel.

Xbox is must be the awesomenest, period. ;)

JOLLY12566d ago

Someone is bitter. This happens with all games. Every game that comes out, you get a new set of small websites. Yes, you are trolling.

GoldenPheasant2566d ago


Hey i saw u in a couple of recent GT5 related articles...oh right, sorry, what you post is not trolling at all. No no sir, you get a pass and pat on the bottom.

JOLLY12566d ago

Couple posts? 1 is singular. Also, I never said that I didn't troll the article. It was an embarrassing article.

BrianC62342566d ago

An 8 from Edge is a high score.

Solid_Snake-2566d ago

why is it an 8 is a bad score now.

i dont get how people need a 9.5 to say its a good game these days.

5 is in the middle and make it an average game....and 8 is a top notch game.

fable 3 was given 3/10 by one site and i still enjoy it.

TBM2566d ago

hopefully it actually gets supported without being bundled like the rest of the series. this is one of the heaviest bundled series ive ever seen.

IQUITN4G2566d ago

Edge is hardly trolling with this review though is it

TBM2566d ago

no kingdoms i'm not buying it, but i'll give it a little try when my brother gets his free copy from his job before he trades it in. i had the first two games and this series failed to keep me interested.

but like i said it would be cool to see the 360 fandom support this game without microsoft having to bundled it after it hit 1.5 million sold like they usually do. without the bundling this series would never hit 3-4 million sold on its own, and thats quite a shame if you ask me.

with BF3 coming out next week and MW3 a couple of weeks after that along with Gears these 3 games will tie up most 360 gamers for quite some time. europe will probably have more sells of forza than america seeing as how they love auto racing.

testerg352566d ago

So are you saying that Sony doesn't do bundles?

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