TheSixthAxis Review: Crysis (PS3/360)

TSA writes: "I feel that I am in quite a unique position when it comes to First Person Shooter, Crysis; not having a clue what the game is about, bar it featuring the now famous Nanosuit. That’s not to say I don’t understand what the game represents though, as when the original launched on PC back in 2007 it made tech-heads squeal and computers cry; it was an absolute beast of a game, and one that few got to see running at maximum settings.

However, now that Crysis has made the jump to consoles it’ll be up to the gameplay to step into the fray and make up for any graphical shortcomings that might be on display. Is it up to the task?"

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doctorstrange2617d ago

Sounds decent, nothing epic tho

BuffMordecai2617d ago

Its a great game, much better than your average closed space corridor shooter. Reminds me alot of their previous title farcry.