Xperia Play price drop: Is it now worth your money?

Pocket Gamer: There's this odd air of hatred floating around Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play.

Ask the average tech-savvy person what they think of the 'PlayStation Phone' and they will probably say one (or more) of the following three things: the slide-out gamepad is stupid, the device has no decent games, or it's just not very good as either a phone or a gaming device.

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Ulf2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Anyone who says the slide out pad is dumb, or that it isn't a good phone... is a fool.

It's a *great* phone, and the slide out pad is awesome (yeah, I have one). I dunno what they did with the battery optimization, but mine works brilliantly for 2 days on end without a recharge, and I have tons of email accounts to retrieve data from, 3D live wallpaper running at all times, I surf and IM plenty on the phone, and have Google GPS location stuff running -- the same can't be said for any of my friends' android phones or iPhones.

For having decent "mid-range" power (which is really all you need for any phone games), and game buttons (which is awesome) -- this phone is unbeatable at the price its offered at, in my opinion. I still wouldn't upgrade (although the HTC Evo 3D has tempted me), because there just isn't a compelling reason to have a dual core, battery burner phone yet.

I would upgrade to a smaller process, thinner version of *this* phone, with a OLED screen in a heartbeat, over any of the dual core battery-burners on the market -- I can imagine my battery lasting for like 4-5 days on end -- but those things are more "gravy" than they are "substance". Dual core phones are still just plain unnecessary.

AhnnQuirajj2562d ago

I'd like to point out as well that there is a plethora of emulators out there for Android as well making this device even more of an attractive option. I've got the Arc but would love to have the play, and seeing it down to prices like £150 (not long ago, the deal was posted on HUKD) makes me even more tempted to have it for a second phone.

nintenflo2562d ago

See, now I'm tempted! When this phone first came out I remember sayin on here that it was super expensive ( £500 + ) and Sony people on this site tried to murder me!

Can anybody tell me what Psone classics are available?