XBox 360 Gamers Focused on the Now

The Xbox 360 is a platform that has had an uncanny draw to hardcore gamers over the past years. Despite many attempts by Xbox to attract family gamers with Kungfu Panda bundles and a huge line of kid friendly games for the Kinect, the Xbox is still recognized as a hardcore gamers paradise.

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AmaZinG2657d ago

Alan Wake was an example, they should allways announce games 3/4 months before releasing... Exceptions are Halos and Gears because ofc they need to build hype and have BETAS.

But yes, announce in the same year you will launch or bust.

Thank god Xbox does that, except Alan Wake...

We dont need another Sony Like, serious these guys are a joke when it comes to release dates... Where´s my Last Guardian?

MrBeatdown2657d ago

Oh lordy...

- Kinect
- Halo 4
- Halo Reach
- Gears of War 3

All were announced well over a year before release. And that's just in recent years. I could throw Too Human, Fable 2, Halo 3, and Mass Effect on there too. And that's just off the top of my head. There could be more. Don't act like Sony is the only one that does it.

Jdrm032656d ago

I am a Xbox 360 fan. I've had one since the 360 was launched in Nov. 05. I upgraded to an elite. I upgraded to a 360S model. I think that proves I am a 360 fan.

On the real, when it comes to supporting its console with exclusives, Microsoft has become a failure since say Microsoft announces games 3/4 month before release. I can tell you they have nothing but kinect shovelware to announce between Halo CEA and halo 4's release next year. They aren't going to start any new ip's at the end of the 360's life cycle as a main console which we have reached.

their support for their console has become atrocious if you are a gamer ever since they "causualized" the 360 in preparation for the next boxes launch.

supremacy2657d ago

Well the thing is, even if Sony announces a game which might not arrive soon, it still manages to release other ips (of which are part of those announcements as well)in their place. So I dont see how thats much of a problem, this year alone saw over 5 exclusives. DC universe online, littlebigplanet 2, killzone 3, socom 4, motorStorm apac, infamous 2, white knight chronicles 2, resistance 3, uncharted 3 and ratchet and clank all 4 one.

With a few others announced without release dates, which many then assume will release soon.

I rather know there are some good games coming, than having to wonder whether or not something outside 3 major franchises is coming at all.

Not saying ms's tactics arent good, but I preffer Sony's better as they give me a reason to hope and in that same breath hold on to my ps3.

I had been waiting for infamous 2 & been waiting for uncharted 3 and twisted metal, and though those(uc3,tm )games arent out yet. I got to enjoy a few other exclusives which i happened to fond off.

Everyone wanted GT5 and eventually got it, and now its the last guardian. I am sure there's a reason for the delay, it could be technical, or simply strategy on the publisher's part.

I rather have announcements and delays than cancelations and studios being shut down. Just saying...

DiRtY2657d ago

You must be happy then that MS just opened three new studios.

supremacy2657d ago

Well its a start, growth is good.

As long as it isnt like activision opensa studio to make one specific game, then I applaude the move. Hopefully its not some studio dedicated to one franchise but rather oprn for business in general. Remember its part of the reason why bungie left.