Announcing the 320 GB Media Hard Drive

Later this month a 320GB Media Hard Drive for your Xbox 360 will be available for $129.99 (US ERP.) It will also include a LIVE download code for LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. The Media Hard Drive is compatible with all Xbox 360 S models and will be sold at your favorite Xbox 360 retailer and is available worldwide, the Media Hard Drive will not include the game download code in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and the UAE.

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Convas2566d ago

500GB HDDs standard with next gen consoles sounds like a plausible theory now.

chickens2566d ago

agreed. just like computer hard drive spaces are rapidly getting bigger, consoles need a lot more space. especially when microsoft are going into the media path a lot now.

HappyGaming2566d ago

I want to upgrade my hard drive so badly but I will lose my Killzone 2 Elite saves because GG dont let you back them up and I am not playing that game on Elite from the beginning again :(

killerhog2566d ago

True, that is why I bought my 500gb toshiba 74 or 7800 rpm internal harddrive for my ps3 for 99$, 3 years ago. I got like: 30 full movies. over 100 series episodes, 10 psn games, bunch of dlc, music, etc and still have 350+ space left. It comes in handy with all the media/features/entertaiment Sony offers.

Though I'm thinking of upping to 1tb internal harddrive by western digitals (I believe) for 99$ I saw on amazon recently..

CynicalVision2566d ago


Have you tried using the cloud storage?

chickens2566d ago

he could use a transfer kit? unless that only works from older versions to the new version of the console.

beastgamer2566d ago

50 bucks for 500gb on ps3.
We cooking chicken no flour ;)

The Real Peter Moore2566d ago

$130 for a 320gb hdd? WHAT A RIPP OFF!!! DAMN!!!

CloseSecond2566d ago

In NZ you can get a 2TB drive for less.

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kingPoS2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Who did Microsoft contract to have these made?
Whom ever there provider is I'm guessing they get a 35-60% cut of every hard drive sold...right?

Dart892566d ago

This to much i got a 500 gb hard drive for my ps3 for around$50 on amazon.Who ever is buying this is getting ripped off big time.

Jdrm032566d ago

rip off lol.

cheaper to buy a hdd off of newegg, a chinese 360s enclosure knock off, and flash the harddrive yourself.

badz1492565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

risk getting BANNED? sounds like a good idea! /s

Christopher2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Way overpriced, IMHO.

I can get a 320GB external HDD for $50, easily. This is more than twice that.


The Iron Sheik2566d ago


I got a 720GB HDD for my PS3 for less than this.

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