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"This is how all arcade flight based games should be. Fantastic visuals, a great score, excellent attention to detail and an engaging plot. All held together by some epic, action packed gameplay of which the dogfight mode is outstanding."

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krazykombatant2565d ago

Saw a FAP of this on Gamesradar, I was disappointed with the health regen... like ffs.

Also I like the idea that there are bombing missions and choppers but come on. This just feels way too COD like now.

I just hope that the storyline makes me feel as big as a badass as garuda 1.

TheKindRoost2564d ago

"feels way too COD like now."
Sadly it's what exactly what namco wanted, As long time AC fan, This game is a let down overall personally.

Mozilla892564d ago

It does feel like COD but do you think you'd like it more if they changed the combat but kept the sci-fi type story?

I've bought this game and really like it but was kinda disappointed about it being set in the real world. I'll give this story a try though and see how I like it.

krazykombatant2564d ago

I personally had very high hopes with this game, but so far it seems to be scoring an 8/10. Which is alright, but idk if its worth a buy. @at the disagrees the game went from being a fairly arcady to straight up COD on wings.

Regen health GTFO... bouncing off the ground?!?!?! I always play at the hardest difficulty but even when i started out, if you hit the ground you hit the ground.. I am disappointed with this. I just hope that they kept some sort of fantasy to it.

I wanna go after some huge bomber or something.. I guess the MP will be better than before, but i doubt it. Only time will tell i guess.