IGN - Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer Reactions

IGN - Earlier today, we found out that Mass Effect 3 will have a multiplayer mode. We don't know many details yet, but we did receive confirmation of cooperative play.

Opinions around the IGN office are mixed, and a few editors decided to share their thoughts about the new feature.

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WANNAGETHIGH2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Who cares..CoDMW3 multiplayer is coming next month. Thats all i need.

Fast Paced Arcade Addictive Fun Gameplay FTW.

ViperX22564d ago

CoDMW3 multiplayer... who cares! BF3 is coming out in two weeks!

despair2564d ago

very much agree with these guys, I did not ever feel the need for MP in Mass Effect 1 or 2, plus it really will detract from MY story as I made my character and the decisions of 2 games and adding MP like Co-op will not appeal to me.

Forbidden_Darkness2564d ago

I too don't believe it needs it at all, but what made me a little more reassured is that a different Bioware studio is working on the co op, so the story shouldn't be dumbed down for it... I hope. I'll probably try it out none the less, just to see how it is.

--Onilink--2564d ago

this article is before the world knew any detail whatsoever about the MP, so posting this now makes about as much sense as the original article (that would be no sense at all...)

sjaakiejj2564d ago

If there is one game in the world that doesn't need Multiplayer, it's Mass Effect. Don't waste your time on this Bioware.

bacano2564d ago

I think it's OK. ME has a style of gameplay that can be perfectly adapted to cooperative MP.

Also, in ME2, sometimes you feel like the members of the team werent a real contribution, I mean, they were not capable to give you a f**ng medigel!! In those moments, I really wanted to have coop (split-screen could work, too).

Also, the story has only a few moments where you must play with a single character, and since you're free to choose which mision you want to do next, there is no problem in play with other person, IMO