How To Spend $100 On Video Games And Get The Most Bang For Your Buck know that the economy sucks, so here are a variety of collections that all add up to $100 - a way to save you money. Which games would you buy for $100 without going over/under?

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thebudgetgamer2563d ago

Love tips for saving money.

teething2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Me too. Some more tips:

1. Play old games: there are more great games than you have time to play, so pick up those games from last year that you wanted but never got around to buying. They are probably under 30$ now, and that is new. I get most of my games in the 20-30$ range.

2. Finish your games. We all have unfinished games for some reason or another (especially if you start buying many for 20$ like I do). Finish them, get your moneys worth, and by the time you do that, BF3 will drop in price, and so will many other "must have" titles (not COD though, they take forever to drop in price).

3. Resist the hype, and only buy a select few "MUST HAVE" games at release day (Forza 3, ME2, Forza 4, ME3 for me). If you resist marketing and hype you will be less likely to be burned by games like Brink.

4. Get into RPG's. Guess how many hours I spent on ME2? I estimate about 140 hours in 4 playthroughs. Fallout 3 and DLC... 200hours and I am not quite done.

5. Wait for sales. If you resist the "buy it now" bug of release hype, you can "buy it when you want to"... i.e. when it is on sale. Good times for sales are around and just after Christmas, and in the summer in the slow season. I buy 4-6 AAA titles during each of these time periods.

6. The other option is to buy new... beat the game fast, and then sell it asap for a premium, and repeat. On the down side, you get max release bugs/server issues, and miss DLC.
NOTE: if you buy down the road, bugs will mostly be patched.

The only problem with my strategy? I save so much money that I can buy about 3x as many games as if I bought them new, so I really don;t have time to play them all. But when I do run out of games, the "must have" AAA titles are now GOTY with all DLC added, or dirt cheap. Plus, I feel good supporting new sales... I never buy used. I also keep all of my games (and I do replay the best ones).

Sadly, for those focused on multiplayer, buying a multiplayer game late can have disadvantages in playing catch-up, and in lower online numbers, but I tend to not care for multiplayer.

ReservoirDog3162563d ago

Also, eBay. I'm selling a bunch of my games right now for $100 cause I'm pretty broke. It's a good deal and I hope it'll sell. I'm sure there's thousands of others like me and that stuff could help any other guy out.

And I've got a bunch of old cheap games for under $10 like you said.

Gamer19822563d ago

Yep wait for the Steam massive sales there's always 2 per year usually in summer and at Christmas so ones coming up in a couple of months.

il-mouzer2563d ago

I got Metro 2033 for 3 euros yesterday.

Brownghost2562d ago

After the summer sale and so many daily deals and midweek madness I have 40 games in my collection after having y gaming computer since the beginning of summer

STONEY42562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Steam sales are amazing. We have the Daily Deals, along with Midweek Madness and Weekend Deals at the same time. Then somewhat bigger sales for the holidays of the year. And the summer and Christmas sales which are 2 weeks of INSANE price cuts. I think I've paid an average of under $5 for the majority of my PC games.

kma2k2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

everytime i see these kind of articles i laugh. The answer is gamefly. $100 is almost 5 months of memberships. With on average 1 game per week thats around 20-25 games averaging $25 per game you get to play $600.00+ worth of games & thats not even including tax.

Gamer19822563d ago

rental companys are not the answer you never get the game you want and there not yours at the end of the day. So you cannot just pick them up one day and play them you gotta wait for them to be delivered etc.. Not the best way really. Great for trying games though if demos arent your thing and your totally anti-piracy.

kma2k2563d ago

that actually not true, as long as you know how to play the game of gamefly & other online rental sites you always get the game you want. My last games:

Deus Ex (on realse day)
Dead Island (on release day)
Resistance 3 (on release day)
God of war origins (on release day)
Gears of war 3 (1 week after release)
Rage (on relase day)
spider man end of time (on realse day)

as for not owning them majority of people now a days just trade there games into gamestop or sell them online. I releasied the mistake of owning games when i had a yard sale & sold all my ps2 games for $5 each & thought man im just going to do this with my ps3 games in 10 years, the next day signed up for gamefly & it has been the best decision for gaming ive ever made!

ReservoirDog3162563d ago

If you know how to use gamefly then you can get a whole year of it for about $68.

All you have to do is get recommended by someone and choose the 2 months for $17 option. Just before the end of the two months, cancel it and they'll give you another month free. After that month, cancel permanently. You just got 3 months for $17.

After that, do it again with a new email. Recommend from yourself on the other account (maybe, never tried that) or just another friend. One year = $68.

Brownghost2562d ago

Steam is better for cheap games and deals and u can OWN them

Farsendor12563d ago

agree with the steam comment,thq hit pack for 49.99$ for 15 games include darksiders,homefront,company of heroes.

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