Five reasons you shouldn't hate the Sawed-Off Shotgun

OXM UK: "Epic wanted to annoy people with Gears of War 3's Sawed-Off Shotgun. There's no way you throw a deathstick this flagrant, this juicy into a game already infamous for serial shotgun abuse unless you're trying to raise hackles. But just because the little beast makes a serious impression on the existing weapon balance doesn't make it bad."

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Jam_sponge2661d ago

Can't say I've taken to it. They should offer non-SOS playlists.

GameOn2661d ago

Have you played much warzone? I'm sure the sos gets used less in the games with no respawns.

MasterD9192661d ago

Give us another assault rifle and I'm sure that will take care of the shotgun problem.

dirigiblebill2661d ago

I think Gears needs support items. Just my two pence. Something to slow down rushing players, for instance. The way the Kantus works in Beast seems worth building on.

BX812661d ago

I like the lancer. I just wish they would make it a tad bit stronger.

MasterD9192661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Actually I was thinking more along the lines of a decently powered semi-auto rifle that counters the shotty actually....Kinda like a mix of the sniper and Hammerburst. It could work considering that the shotty is only useful up close.

The idea for support items is a good one and Cliffy has already expressed interest in doing that with the Horde mode...We'll see what the future brings.

BeardedPriest2661d ago

Agreed... I'd like another stronger semi auto rife and for the hammerburst to return to the way it used to be...

omi25p2661d ago

I find it too easy to kill people.

I think if they were to increase player health so more like Gears 1/2 Then have the Sawnoff as a power weapon and give it more bullets.

SpartanZero2661d ago

I think Gears 3 is a bit of a dissapointment my favorite mode in Gears 2 was annex and koth isn't the same. I hate the arrows over your teammates and the spotting feature. Retro lancer is so overpowered it's scary. Sniper and torque need the same ammo like in the previous Gears games. I like Gears 2 and 1 better.

maniacmayhem2661d ago

I love the spotting feature it lets your teammates know where the hell that last guy is or that one camper with the longshot.

Too many times in previous Gears a team would be running all over the map trying to find that last guy.

Retro Lancer is overpowered but it is a b*tch to handle. I wish the Hammerburst had a little bit of a bigger clip.

maniacmayhem2661d ago

I only hate it when i get killed by it.

I agree with the comment above (dirigblebill). Support items/weapons would be nice. Maybe a separate mp mode where these items are available. Make it the same gameplay style as Team Fortress 2. Maybe have some horde mode items available.

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The story is too old to be commented.