Xbox 360 System update is Live, users already complaining

ITF Gaming logged onto Xbox Live this afternoon, 15:30pm (CAT), and we noticed that the Xbox Live System Update is ready to download. The download sits in at around 100MB, so not entirely a major weight on your internet connection

Although we have had no issues from our side, we have already seen rumours flying around the internet about the update preventing users to access Xbox Live, profiles becoming corrupted and other errors.

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JellyJelly2565d ago

I think I'll wait a little before downloading it. Don't want to take any chances with Battlefield 3 being so close.

calibann2564d ago

Well you can't play online without the update..

Chaotic_Lament2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

No, no. JellyJelly is the rare mythical gamer spoken of in legends who is expressly buying BF3 only for the single-player.

Take a gander folks. You may never see this again.

morganfell2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

It took mere minutes to update my 360 and it is fine. Any chance the complainers had modded boxes? As with the PS3 a very few people with issues are suddenly a majority.

r1sh122564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

there arent any problems. THe people talking about corrupt profiles had flashed xbox's and they didnt apply the new patch before the mandatory update which is why they are getting errors.

EDIT: There might be some title updates also coming soon if certain games freeze, but I installed it on my xbox fine as did 5 other friends. So..

The Meerkat2564d ago

Took about 1 min to download, I had no idea it was 100mb.

No problems for me.

GrieverSoul2564d ago

Well, the download did, but the install took a few minutes.

narutogameking2564d ago

You must have a amazingly fast internet connection.
How much do you pay? Like $70 a month for internet?

jack who2564d ago

downloaded and install the forza 4 demo 1.2GB in less then 5 min

no_more_heroes2564d ago

no problems here either, never have had one with any kind of update either, whether maintenance or major.

PixL2564d ago

100 MB update with no features? I smell foul air.

r1sh122564d ago

its prepping the current dashboard for the new update coming in the next few weeks.
They do this so when a major update comes it wont take a long time to update, most major updates are downloaded and installed in under 10 mins usually (depending on internet speed), unlike my PS3 which take a seriously long time to update.

GrieverSoul2564d ago

There was no need to bring the PS3 here. But from a guy who has the 2 consoles, trust me, its the same thing. This update took aroun 7 minutes to donwload and install. The same its takes my Ps3 to update whenever there is an update.

However, PS3 updates are more frequent but introduce little tweaks. Even though they say its jsut maintenance. With this one, it was just thin air. And it amazes me how people actually believe this is a preparation for a next update to come. I mean, an update to prepare another update?!? What?!? That makes no sense. What about the people who turn their consoles online twice a year? Will they download the update that prepares the other update?! lol

r1sh122564d ago

The update makes it easier to get the next major update installed, and allows firmware changes before the update that needs to go in.
2nd I brought the PS3 up as an observation when comparing updates on both consoles.
Most of the updates on the ps3 take longer than xbox ones.
No real flaming required, I dont really care about which is better, I have both to get the best of both worlds...

Perjoss2564d ago

You should Cut down on the baked beans.

Series_IIa2564d ago

Thats just from all of that bullshit which flows from your gob

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