System Shock 2 Retrospective

Exploring the origins, impact and legacy of the highly influential yet initially ignored classic.

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LightofDarkness2563d ago

Not so much ignored, at least not by the media. I remember it being praised quite highly, with magazines shouting "BUY THIS GAME" essentially. But I think everyone was still into action shooters at the time, I believe UT '99 wasn't too far away in terms of release dates, so most people probably held off until then.

bumnut2563d ago

I loved it too, this was from a time when games were innovative, everything looks and plays the same these days.

MilkMan2563d ago

Same sh*t that happens now a days.
There are TONS of games that are better than the mainstream games, but get overlooked cause the masses like quick and dirty fixes.

System Shock 2 was amazing and like I said there are many games that have substance that are amazing, but even thinking about the state of gaming puts me to sleep.

Let me go play End War and R.U.S.E I'm tired of COD.

Kostchtchie2560d ago

end war and ruse were actually really good games, just not enough content :/

sonicsidewinder2563d ago

I really need to get onto playing this.

But I play for the story. I'd need to play the first, first.

I hear it's freeware so...maybe soon.