Minecraft 1.9 update delayed till November?

It looks like fans will now have to wait that little bit longer for Minecraft’s 1.9 update after Mojang developer Jens Bergenstein revealed on Twitter that the full update's release date may be delayed until MineCon in November.

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WhiteLightning2654d ago

More press releases....oh come on Notch just give us the update and fix what ever needs fixing in a small update like you used to do.

When people visit game sites such as this one all the cool features in the next updates are spoiled because everyone is making videos and talking about them. I want to find them for my self but I'd rather have the full update then a press release.

kesvalk2654d ago

how come notch can be slower than blizzard in development?
it's almost impossible!

WhiteLightning2654d ago

Probably because Jeb is the only one working on updates most of the time. That one person working on the "biggest release" in Minecrafts history......I don't get it, if I was Notch I would of had the entire team on Minecraft untill it got released then kept one person on it to update/fix things here and there.

Imagine how many more features would be in Minecraft if Notch did have most of the team working on it.