Ubisoft Confirms Steering Wheel Attachment For Nintendo's Wii

Recently confirmed in an IGN interview with GT Pro Series' associate producer Tats Myoio, we also learn that the attachment features a port, where the Wii-mote will fit, and have all its buttons accessible. Tilting the wheel forward or back will presumably accelerate or brake, while of course steering will, well, steer the car.

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BIadestarX5858d ago

if this is the design it will be interesting to see who last the longest holding both hand in the air. Reminds me of a punishment usually used by parents in Caribbean island where kids have to extend their arms forward till they can't handle it anymore. Also, no matter how much of a fan you are, we all have to admit that this will not feel more natural than a standalone steering wheel lets say for the 360.

USMChardcharger5858d ago

neat idea, but i agree with bladestar. unless it comes with a stand of some kind rather than you holding it in the air, it could get exhausting.

Marriot VP5858d ago

Haha, both of you are atleast not ignorant to realize that playing with the wii for more than 30 minutes is gonna be a work out and punishment on the arms.

A huge and inaccurate reticle for games just doesn't cut it for me. Also looking like a retard swinging around a remote with a teathered numchuck.

ChickeyCantor5858d ago

why do ppl say "swinging"
maybe with a golf game......but with metroid or redsteel you make small movements......before you judge try it first

Marriot VP5858d ago

yah small nudges WHILE holding your arms in the air. If you don't believe me hold your arms in the air for a half an hour. I bet you couldn't even do it, it's torture.

wakkiwakko5858d ago

Aren't you holding your two arms in mid air while playing with a gamepad? Granted you're using two hands, but never the less they're mid way, mostly at your chest while playing video games. You can lie down and rest your hands on the bed in front of you, same you can do with the wii.

I mean, PS3 controller, the one you'll get to play lair with and that sci fi space shooter, you're going to go crazy with it. With two hands, acting erratically, you're going to get more of a workout than shooting dozens of bad guys in metroid prime.

Just because it looks like a remote and acts like a remote doesn't mean it's going to tire you out like a remote. Still, if your arms get tired from holding a remote for a while, then I think gaming should be the last thing on your to do list.

There are load times, brief. Cut sequences. Enough of all that to give your hands a rest even if indeed they do tire out. ‘Sides, what grown gamer is going to sit in front of a tv and play for more than two hours straight? If you’re a gamer who’d rather play games than play doctor, then even if the wiimote weighted at more than two pounds you’d still manage to find a way to play.

If you don’t like the console, ignore its topics. Why do you have to run around every news item and such regarding the remote or the console it self and insult it. You’re not going to buy it. You’re not going to play it. Then why should you even care? People who are considering it as their additional console have more viable input than your childish remarks will ever have. So just stop acting all high and mighty. It’s not doing you any good and you’re just wasting time trying to sound important.

It’s a console you don’t care about. So why do you have to say something negative about it? I mean, man, is it giving you e-cred or something? Because I don’t think being a total jerk is part of your daily routine. If it is, I apologize; you have the right to insult the Wii for any possible reason.

ChickeyCantor5857d ago

your laps can support your arms so they wont be in air all the time!

its BS about getting tired!! you just dont have condition!