Real Mario Kart on the Streets of Tokyo, Drawing Huge Crowds

The dudes from Japanese car site Cliccar get out of their boring civvies and got dressed up as Mario and Luigi. Then, they hopped in two street legal X-Karts and took to the avenues and boulevards of Tokyo.

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SKUD2567d ago

Awesome go karts. Just wish they were actually racing.

atelierrune2567d ago

who cares noone cares about nintendo anymore the only good consoles on the market right now is the ps3 and xbox 360 and soon sony will takeover the king of handhelds there 3DS is a shit bomb go VITA you are the next KING..

MaxXAttaxX2567d ago

I'm excited for the Vita as much as the next guy, but seriously, A LOT of people care about Nintendo. Maybe not the current systems, but still.

atelierrune2567d ago Show
tr00p3r2567d ago

Was half expecting remi gaillard to come out and show these clowns how its done.. where was the banana skins?

callcollectplz2567d ago

That was pretty sweet. I was a bit confused why they were driving in the wrong side of the road but then I realized it was Japan.

PumPum2567d ago


It says "real mario kart"

Mario is an italian plumber not some japanese guy with a fake mustasch.

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