How Call of Duty has Ruined Online Shooters

The Call of Duty series has set the benchmark for online gaming this generation, but is that truly a good thing? SIXAXIS Gaming takes a look at the negative consequences Infinity Ward's franchise has had on online multiplayer.

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PidgeottosCrew2567d ago

Hopefully Battlefield starts to take over...though since it takes a bit of skill I don't think that will happen.

SquirrelT2567d ago

Call of Duty does take skill to be good at, but yeah, I'm hoping BF can at least make IF think about making some drastic changes.

SquirrelT2567d ago

I mean, IW - Infinity Ward.

Asgaro2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

"Call of Duty does take skill to be good at"

Having skill at fast paced shooters will give you MAYBE an advantage.
Fact is: since MW2, when you suck at CoD, you can still be on top in a match.
- Go sit in a corner
- Rank up some kills
- Get a killstreak
- Kill some guys with it
- *BAM* In top five.

The killstreak system has messed up the necessity of skill.
- Because everyone can sit, camp, get killstreak and feel epic about it.
- Because you can't determine whether the guy in first place got there by deserved kills, or by spamming the field with his AC130...

Utilities_Horton2566d ago

Really depends on who you're up against. Sure, you can camp away in the corner in some nooby pub game, but as soon as you find yourself up against a team that know what they're doing suddenly there's no safe place to camp. The best players always seem to be running continuously, and killstreaks don't last long when the opposition are organised. AC130's can go down faster than Black Op's servers at launch.

beastgamer2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

I blame..
The Perks
The Campers
The Last Stand
The noob tubers
The remote toy cars
The BS I shot him complains
The Crazy long distance throwing knife kills
The bullet fly pass anything kills
The far distance pistol kill
The 12 year old kids
The females that should be respawning in the kitchen (some of them are cool to play with, but the ones just f ing up and don't know what to do should respawn)

If COD never had any of these, probably it would be a good online shooter

Dransfield2567d ago

That's just what's wrong with call of duty itself.

M-Easy2567d ago

"The females that should be respawning in the kitchen"

Lol and people say gamer are misogynistic. Funny.

slaton242567d ago

i blame campers, last stand, long distance shotgun kills, the 12 year old kids, and biggest thing the leaves everyone leaves i hate that, also man dont be sexiest girls can play anything we play man and in the kitchen wow that was wrong man ur mom should have raised u better than that

SonyStyled2567d ago

discover killzone my friend

cpayne932567d ago

It really all comes down to the people playing, nobody wants to work together, they just want to play Rambo and run around on their own. It's become a casual online shooter, the gameplay isn't deep and varied, it's just constant run and gun.

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HeavenlySnipes2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

from my time playing both the beta and Black Ops, I don't want games to model either of them.

Both are full of cover and have low health, making campers have orgasms laying prone everywhere

That pic basically sums up the first area of rush on Metro.

Maybe its just me, but I don't like MP games that reward camping, I don't think it takes skill to find a spot in a secluded area and pick people off.

My favourite FPS is still KZ2, that game took massive amounts of skill to be great at.

EDIT: I still play KZ2 to this day. The server lists allow you to just jump into games that are near full so you never have to play with low player counts. But yeah, as for total players, its probably a few thousand at most

PidgeottosCrew2567d ago

I agree, KZ2 was brilliant fun. But it died out so quick, and you just have to look at the changes they made for KZ3's multiplayer to understand how cod is killing diversity.

solid warlord2567d ago

i hate on COD alot but i just cant stop playing that bitch. Its like addicted to sex, u know it feels good but cant get enough.

BF in the other hand, is fun while it lasts. After playing BFBC 1&2 and the lates BF3 beta on ps3 and 360. I rest my case, the game was just crap to play. I am reminded how boring BF can get over COD or Halo for example. Sometimes i get the highes kills in the match but after a 20 odd minute match...u just not satisfied. COD i thought reward the player more. Gears 3 im starting to love now.

BF3 i had hopes but after the beta, it feels like BC2.1 and i certainly wont be buying.

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Orbis2567d ago

One of the best articles I've read in recent times. A lot of truth.

Utilities_Horton2567d ago

nothing wrong with CoD. Im still playing it every day and havent gotten bored. MW3 will be BEAST

gamingdroid2567d ago

I'm really looking forward to MW3, and don't see how it ruined online shooters at all. If anything, it opened it up further!

It's only ruined for the few that don't like it. The rest will play it happily and the other will complain and secretly play it anyhow.

slaton242567d ago

maybe u r a camper than i dont know but u have campers and the poor connections host migration and stuff like that so yeah there is stuff wrong with campers on duty...even though i like it and will be gettin MW3

cpayne932567d ago

How long have you been playing? MW3 will have been the fifth cod game in the past four years, I don't understand how anyone could play the same game so long. All you do is run and gun, there's no variety in my opinion.

farhsa20082567d ago

not only has it ruined shooters but also the industry

LOGICWINS2567d ago

COD games have been the top selling games on the PS3/360 each year for the past three years. Considering the revenue these games generate, how is COD hurting the industry?

LightofDarkness2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

By ensuring that the focus of developers remains fixed upon ever increasing monetary gain through homogenization, thus stifling the creative space and leaving advancement and artistry as secondary, even tertiary concerns.

Dransfield2567d ago

By being TOO big and TOO unimaginative. When the most popular game in history doesn't do anything different with every new edition but still grows in popularity...well, other more innovative games get played by less people because everyone's already playing call of duty. In the end, games become less innovative and become more like cod so they can compete.

gamingdroid2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

I would say creating something so awesomely "creative", yet not being able to produce any value anyone is willing to pay for is hurting the industry more...

I will take the first, something people are willing to pay for and play to death.

I guess success these days are now a detriment to the industry.

LOGICWINS2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

"By ensuring that the focus of developers remains fixed upon ever increasing monetary gain through homogenization, thus stifling the creative space and leaving advancement and artistry as secondary, even tertiary concerns."

Is that COD's fault..or is it the developers' fault for not having the balls to create their own vision?

You can't blame the leader just because people choose to follow him.

Unicron2567d ago

LightofDarkness, kudos. That was a well said post.

"Is that COD's fault..or is it the developers' fault for not having the balls to create their own vision?"

It's just as much the consumers fault as it is the developers IMHO, both are to blame. People forget that money talks. If so many people want CoD, clearly they like what it does, so why would you design something different, when so few support it? This is still business.

Arnon2567d ago

Because CoD has placed the industry in its own creative coffin.

Outside_ofthe_Box2567d ago

Nope it's CoD's fault for not innovating and/or doing something new with their game instead of rehashing the same ****!

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Dransfield2567d ago

Developers have no choice but to make decisions to ensure their game sells well, and this ends up with them making it similar to other popular games. If there wasn't much a monopoly on the FPS genre (I suppose a duopoly, if you consider Halo) then maybe we would already have something better than Call of duty. It's rare for a game to get every new thing it does right straight away, but we usually persevere with it because we know it will get better. Now we don't persevere with it - we jump back on cod. Nothing can change that way.

0neShot2567d ago

COD actually made video gaming the biggest entertainment industry, and created the first multibillion dollar franchise. It has not ruined it obviously but simply made it MASSIVE.

FunAndGun2567d ago

well then, I wish gaming would go back underground.

Dart892567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

*First of all, I have to say that every COD is a downright solid game…at least the ones made by Infinity Ward.

Correction the ones the original IW created.

@above really nothing wrong with cod??How about the party system being broke when they release MW2,Blk ooops,laggy as hell online for blk ops ps3 version i could go on but you get the point.

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