First PlayStation Vita Games Priced

How much are Vita games going to cost?


For the overactive: Currently a PS3 game in Japan costs $90 and a PSP game costs $65. Based on the pricing of PS Vita games in Japan, cost of PS Vita games will be the same as those of PSP games.

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LolololRumz2562d ago

Just read another article with £ saying they will cost £50. I really don't think they'll cost that much, it's just a straight conversion from yen.

I honestly wouldn't mind them being £40 as long as they're to a high standard like PS3 games

sinncross2562d ago

Well they lowered the price to make an estimate, but yeah: prices in Japan for games are higher then most places around the world.

But living here, I think the prices are pretty decent enough as long as the games are not completed in a few hours with zero replay.

Washington-Capitals2562d ago

$60 for portable games? plus tax here in canada you'll be spending $70. Sorry i consider my self to be middle class and thats too much for games on a portable system.

SilentNegotiator2562d ago

So it's just another straight yen conversion article? Ridiculous.

TheLastGuardian2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

They better not be $60 in North America. I thought all Vita games would cost $40 or less? Uncharted: Golden Abyss and other retail Vita games are priced at $40 on Amazon.

MaxXAttaxX2562d ago

Media seriously needs to stop doing direct conversions of Yen.

This is the same s*** as the article that claimed memory cards for the Vita would cost up to $120.

sikbeta2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Vita games will not cost $60, games is Japan are way more expensive than US or EU, $40 max and less than that for DD game on PSN

NewMonday2562d ago

Japan game prices vary, and ar not set like most west prices at 60$, it depends on the popularity of the game.

Another thing about PSV game prices is a recent survey that reveal plans for digital rentals and returns and also buying in bulk with other friends. This makes digital games a more attractive option if true

heroicjanitor2561d ago

Yeah these yen prices are the same as psp yen prices. Someone from Sony already said they would be priced about the same as psp game so this is good news.

Phaqutomb2561d ago

found Uncharted: Golden Abyss at gamestop for 39.99 new. Hope the games will stay around $40 or so

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Rampaged Death2562d ago

£40 for a portable game ? Don't be crazy dude. I would happily pay £30 for one.

Heartnet2562d ago

u only pay less for portable as they are generally lesser in content and quality... if a game on ps vita was around same quality and content of that of lets say skyrim i wud be more than happy to pay what i normally pay :)

The price of the disc will ultimately be decided on how long dev times are on averege for each game

hiredhelp2562d ago

I think £29.99 at most best.

NeloAnjelo2562d ago

They would never cost more than a PS3 game. These range from £39.99 to £44.99, with most being the lower number. Vita games will most likely cost £35. to £39.

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remanutd552562d ago

i hope its more like $29.99 digital and $39.99 physical

ksense2562d ago

I am pretty sure this is what you are going to get. I was hoping for more in the range of $20 digital and $30 boxed. I mean Sony is coming out with a shit ton of games in the launch period and if they are all priced around 30 and 40 only some are going to sell. if it is 20$ people wouldn't think twice about buying certain games. It would also put a lot of pressure on Nintendo to drop their prices on games as well. this would be a master stroke by sony if they do this but I doubt they will lol.

remanutd552562d ago

well at $19.99 digital and $29.99 physical i will buy Uncharted , Little Big Planet , Wipeout , Ruin , Little Deviants , Gravity Rush and Smart As all at once , assuming they are all part of the launch line up , i think Resistance Burning Skies wont be , is scheduled to come out in the summer , too bad

Brownghost2562d ago

there gonna match nintendo and stick at $40

El_Colombiano2562d ago

This won't happen. Sony can not undermine physical stores otherwise they will refuse to sell the games. Look at the PSN and their prices. Physical is always cheaper after the first few weeks of release.

Christopher2562d ago

In Japan, a PS3 game is $90 and a PSP game is $65. Looks like it will cost the same as a PSP game.

--Onilink--2562d ago

not really since the conversion makes the Vita games in japan $78, 65<78.

I really hope they dont have any intention of going over $40

Christopher2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

They must have updated those, since they were showing differently at the time of the posting.

UP2562d ago

Before the retards come in saying Japan prices=North America prices when converted. Do some research.

sashimi2562d ago

research is too hard for most people, hell so is common sense with so many sites reporting those prices of the vita accessories through straight conversion of yen to dollar. People don't care, they just wanna downplay the Vita cause its made by Sony.

smashcrashbash2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Exactly. People just love to jump on thing before thinking. Do you really think Sony is as stupid as some people think? Why would I sell you VITA games at the same price as a PS3 game? 4GB of game for the same price as a Bluray game? Think people. Japanese cost of living is higher then the U.S. Everything is more expensive there.

Heartnet2562d ago

Xbox games are 6.8gb Roughly... and ur paying 40 for that..

videoxgamexfanboy2562d ago

Hmmm geee i dont know maybe because sony is the same company that sold ps3 @ 600$. They are not the brightest bulb in the bunch...

--Onilink--2562d ago

here is what the article says:

"That's $78 and $63 respectively with the exchange rate. It's safe—although unconfirmed—to assume that the cartridge version will retail for $59, while the download version will cost $49."

I would hardly call that a direct conversion

cervantes992562d ago

Retail version will cost $39.99 - hopefully digital will be $29.99.

Amazon US:

Brownghost2562d ago

i wish digital will be the same price

NeloAnjelo2562d ago

Why? That seems illogical. The incentive to buying digital is that its cheaper because there is no physical media... as in the case, the game, the booklet. As a result manufacturing costs, shipping, storage costs, etc. gets passed back unto the consumer.

For the people who want the physical (Like me) they would be willing to pay that extra.

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