Minecraft: The End, Ender Dragons, and Goop Portal All Explained

GameZone uncovers Notch's plan for "The End" dimension, dragons, and the mysterious goop

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WhiteLightning2660d ago

I don't get it why would he create a new dimension, the last one he brought in, the Nether, has hardly had any work done to's bare and boring. Wouldn't you think he would work on the Nether first giving us reasons to go there before he makes another dimension.

Pikajew2659d ago

The Nether just got a big update.

WhiteLightning2659d ago

What's it got in ?

Was it in the press release 3 ?

Pikajew2659d ago

I think so. It got new mobs. it has built structures and you can make stuff with the stuff you find in the Nether

Fadetoblack692659d ago

Grab the 1.9 Beta 3 - Nether now has cities and a few new mobs - very cool stuff ^^

Convas2659d ago

White, this is the second time at least you've brought up the Nether. Really man, you need to keep updated on the changes, the Nether got a massive update the other day.

I recommend bookmarking the following:

So you can be up on all the latest changes.

WhiteLightning2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

"White, this is the second time at least you've brought up the Nether. Really man"

Really...why are you making it out like such a big thing. Yeah I did because the other article no one replied and I didn't think it would get approved. Sorry for offending you for my comment /s . Wow some people take things way too seriously on this site even if someone is asking a question.

MrSpace2659d ago

Clizzz don't come off sounding like a dick man, the guy was only asking something. You see this all the time, when an article dosen't look like it's going to get approved someone makes the same comment on another article which has been approved He got his answer from above which he even acknowledged...........

The End.

GoldenPheasant2659d ago

I made a concious decision not to play this game any more. I played WOW back in the day *f**k I have the original collectors edition*, and after 3 years of that, lost friends, one ruined relationship, a true basement nerd transformation (read:pasty white skin) I thankfully clued in and dropped what was a really bad addiction. I learned, hence I can see the early signs.

Man I wanna play Minecraft.

sonicsidewinder2659d ago

News just in:

Bethesda is suing Notch for including Dragons in Minecraft!

You couldn't make this shit up!