Dark Souls dynamic themes coming to Playstation 3

The official Dark Souls Facebook page has revealed has revealed that dynamic themes based on the recently-released action role-playing game are coming to the Playstation 3.

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flyingmunky2615d ago

Sounds cool, though I've already got one of the user created ones that is decent. And it was free.

egidem2615d ago

Would be awesome if we could have a theme where you can invade someone else's XMB activity XD

Spenok2615d ago

Lol, i admit, that would be pretty cool xD

Spenok2615d ago

Awesome, thank you good sir!

TheDivine2615d ago

Hell yea i was looking today to see if they had any. Id love a demons souls nexus theme also.

DeleteThisxx2615d ago

No one has dethroned my LittleBigPlanet dynamic theme. Hopefully one of these will though I doubt it.

Ser2615d ago

NICE! I want 'em all.

iWishTifaWasReal2615d ago

it better be free. hell freaking xbox gamers got free avatars and if you NAMCO charge us on this dynamo theme ps3


Spenok2615d ago

When have you ever seen a free dynamic theme on the PS store? Not including PS+.

But anyways, go to the links tetsuryu posted near the top, and you can get some free Dark Souls dynamic themes now instead of having to wait :D

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