Mass Effect 3 Homegenises Boobs and Bums (Rebecca Mayes Podcast)

Rebecca Mayes writes: "Mass Effect offers a homogenised humanity that I didn't really get along with. I wanted to sing a song that celebrated people's bodies for the unique individuals that they are. It will be interesting to see how Mass Effect 3 deals with all this."

Rebecca Mayes sings: "Where are the women big boned and proud | With a mouth unafraid to tell you what it's all about | Where are the small breasts like the tenderest, delicate, feather kiss."

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Twizlex2661d ago

If this writer/singer actually looks like the girl in this picture, then she needs to just stfu about diverse women not being represented in the future of Mass Effect. It's very hypocritical that she apparently keeps herself in shape and wears makeup and doesn't have super small boobs -- SHE'S MAKING THE EFFORT TO LOOK GOOD -- but if everyone did that or was genetically altered to not get fat in the future, that's somehow not okay for her? Practice what you preach and eat some hamburgers, chop those boobs off and represent those small-chested fatties, or don't complain about something that you apparently don't even apply to yourself.

strange19862661d ago

If she wants to be taken seriously, she should first learn to write beyond a middle school level.

klimkuz2661d ago

What a hell was that?

"Big boned"? Its called "fat", lady.

So tired of all this feminist bullshit, first they ask for fat women in a game and then they make complains about discrimination.