Single player "a core pillar now" of Battlefield, co-op may follow

Battlefield 3's Patrick Liu says it "feels good" to be compared with Call of Duty, as they're both "behemoths, and just the notion" they'll pinch gamers is "awesome."

The "old days" made it clear military shooters were the "dominant form" of videogames. Battlefield 3 is a true successor and it means "a lot of different things".

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LightofDarkness2590d ago

Constant use of "parentheses" is "annoying".

PhantomT14122590d ago

They should release a story trailer like the recently released MW3 trailer. We already have campaign trailers of BF3 but it's more about the feel, the atmosphere but not the story. The plot of Battlefield is foggy for now, having a documentary style doesn't mean it can't be dramatic:

Yangus2590d ago

I think MW3 campaign much better.
Multi?Maybe no.

grailly2589d ago

CoD didn't have a good campaign since CoD4, what makes you think that?

Psychotica2589d ago

Single player doesn't seem very core since they took out LAN and Bots. I would trade the story mode any day to get them back..

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