Massive Forza 4 Photo/Video Gallery – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Forza Motorsport 4 releases today in the U.S and on Friday in all other regions (including ours) and have been hard at work playing the wheels off of it to bring everyone their comprehensive review.

They have, however, taken a moment to get in touch with their artistic side and snapped away at a massive gallery. See over 20 incredible photos from the game, including a crazy 8 Megapixel shot as well as a short video outputted to

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Darranged2567d ago

I'm not even that big a petrol-head, and I want to play this game.

It looks sublime.

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St02567d ago

I don't get it, how can they manage to get the cars to look amazing when they are indoors but still look kinda plastic when out side

FordGTGuy2567d ago

Most cars are made from materials similar to plastic or plastic itself. Forza Motorsport is a built as a perfect track day game so all cars are built to look like they've been given the perfect wax.

For instance check out the linked picture below.

Mustang300C20122567d ago

What is with idiots. How do u say it looks plastic when most car exteriors are made from plastic. Try waxing a car sometime. Here is my 2012 Mustang 5.0

The Meerkat2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

You lucky Americans who get this today, go ahead and fill the leaderboards.

Because then on Friday I'll earn more cash by beating you with my superior european driving skills.

(I'm not bitter, honest)

Animal Mutha 762567d ago

Why on earth do we in the UK have to wait until Friday? Its so frustrating! Is there a logical reason why a disc can't go on the shelves in 2 regions at the same time????

A bit more time to gold the rest of the F3 races in my event list.

The Euros are coming. All I need now is Trials Evolution and i'll be locked away until January.

Objective2567d ago

OMG I just got the game and it is mindblowingly fantastic!! Jesus Christ you haters there, seriously, do yourselves a favor and try it, you don't have to admit it here that you did, but you really have to try the game if you love cars because it really is all that!,

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The story is too old to be commented.