The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim revealed "Crime and Punishment"

How the citizens would react if they see you committing a crime. Would they report to guards? The answer is Yes, they would.

But you can change it. Anyone, who sees you committing a crime, they will become the witnesses. If you want to commit a crime, but don’t want to get caught. Quickly eliminate

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WhiteLightning2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

"But you can change it. Anyone, who sees you committing a crime, they will become the witnesses. If you want to commit a crime, but don’t want to get caught. Quickly eliminate them after a crime. If you did not manege successfully, a bounty will be placed with your face in town or city."

Much better....that's what Im talking about

No more getting caught for no reason even though there could be no body around if you killed someone. I hated how you could kill someone in a house and if you wern't in sneak mode you would get caught....the guards would rush into the house and arrest you. It was really silly


"After a bounty is placed, the guards will come to arrest you. Even in the other cities or towns that you don’t have any bounties, the guards will not allow your admittance"

This is they know I commited a crime when they wern't there. Oh yeah that's so realistic /s ........this is something which people complained about in the last game.

StraightPath2565d ago

But wont they spread the news to neighbouring towns and cities of your bounty? Commit a crime in real life and if your wanted be sure to know other crime force departments from other cities will know about you and will be looking for you too.

WhiteLightning2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Yeah but the difference between us and them is we have the tec to do that quickly. Faster communication

In this fantasy, medieval setting it would take much longer to spread the word. How woud they know what you look like for starters, they would have to paint a picture of you then send it off to other towns basicaly painting more then one picture of you and I'm guess painting a picture of someone in that setting would take a while then by the time you send it off to other towns your character would already be there.

I don't mind if it's there I just don't expect it to be so sudden like the news get's there before my character.

Even if there was a message at the bottom of the screen saying "Word has spread to <Town Name> of your actions" as time went past.

inveni02564d ago

Military forces of the time constantly had messengers traveling between cities. If you can get to that city, then so can a messenger.

Secondly, why would they have to paint a picture? Couldn't someone do a sketch? We still use sketches today, even with all of our technology.

I admit, word of who you are shouldn't instantly appear in each town. There should be a delay that moves radially out from the city in which the crime was committed. In fact, the crime shouldn't even be shared if it's not something worth sharing (or maybe the word spreads slower things like petty theft and faster for things like murder, and maybe even faster with the more often you commit the crime before you're finally caught or pay a fine).

But hey, it's better than having the entire realm be telepathic.

snipes1012564d ago

I find it funny how we're talking about realism in a game where we're killing dragons, skeleton warriors and giant spiders with fireballs and enchanted weaponry haha.

But really though, I'm glad they fixed this from the last game for the most part.

StraightPath2565d ago

Agree with you on that, and that would be even more realistic. Skyrim seems to be a alternative life for gamers. Be sure not to get lost in this epic fantasy world haha

StraightPath2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Ill try to be a good citizen and a hero then...who am i kidding i completely looted vast amount of houses in oblivion :D

but then again dont want to lose some skill points and experience , can not wait to play this game.

Bigpappy2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Stealing in Oblivion was a complete waste of time. All items got a big red tag on them and could not ne sold. I really, really hope they forgot Oblivion when they were making this game. Even fallout was better.

SAE2564d ago

i dunno why but i always like to be good in this kind of games , i hate to be evil , i mean it , i really hate it , i get annoyed when i forced to be evil ...

SITH2565d ago

This has been the method of crime and punishment since Oblivion and partially in morrowind. I hope the pick up and transfer to a hidden spot stealing method still works.

TheOtherTheoG2565d ago

I still want the apparent bug they were having where the chickens reported crimes in the game. That would be badass.

Swiggins2565d ago

"Stop right there Criminal BAGAWK!!!"

Whore_Mouth2565d ago

Guards in other cities will NOT know that you have committed a crime outside of their jurisdiction.

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