Paul Anderson discusses casting Leon Kennedy, and taking plot points from Resident Evil 4 and 5

Resident Evil: Retribution is intended to be an epic, globe-trotting affair that features a cast of characters from all of the previous films, including some characters who were killed off early on in the franchise.

The September 14, 2012, release has begun filming, and director Paul Anderson spilled some of the beans about the film in the interview below, including the introduction of Leon S. Kennedy and the direct tie-in to the Resident Evil 4 and 5 games.

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Pozzle2926d ago

Ew. He sounds so smug in this interview. The whole thing is basically: "I stole a bunch of Capcom's ideas because NO ONE else is doing what I'm doing with these movies! I'm THAT awesome!"

Then there's these parts:

"it's obviously a lot of pressure because of that and especially Leon because he has such an extreme look. Firstly, he's a major action hero. But also he has the floppy hair, and you have no idea how hard it is to find someone who looks like that."

Um...Mr Anderson? You don't need to find an actor with floppy hair when all these lovely things like wigs, hair extensions and scissors exist. Nowadays people can style their hair into ANYTHING. You don't need to cast a guy with floppy hair just because he has floppy hair. :/

But congrats on casting a guy with floppy hair who otherwise looks NOTHING like Leon. But oh well, I'm sure he's a great actor. His role in The Hottie and the Nottie was such a masterpiece in filming, after all.

"In Resident Evil 5 there's an awesome sequence, one of my favorites, where you're driving a Hummer across the desert while engaging in a machine gun battle with a bunch of creatures that are chasing you while they're riding motor bikes and shooting machine guns. That's intrinsically Resident Evil"

Since when is driving a hummer across the dessert as you shoot machine-gun-wielding zombies "intrinsically Resident Evil"? That sort of crap only appeared in RE5 and nobody really liked it. Hell, even reviewers complained about that sequence. :/

OzzieArcane2925d ago

I think what he meant to say is that it's intrinsically generic action movie.

aCasualGamer2925d ago

I despise this director so much it hurts my eyes just looking at his movies. He's married to Milla Jovovich and thus she is in every movie he makes.

That's not only disturbing since Alice is the worst character to ever have entered my favorite franchise, but i also hate this man for acting as if he knows what RE truly is.

He plays through RE4 and RE5 and says "This is RE", apart from some great sequences in RE4 there is no fan of this series that would in their right mind say "The best RE games are RE4 and RE5".

The things we fans hate about the series are the things he thinks we love about the series, i.e. the Hummer sequence in RE5.

Just goes to show how little this fool knows about the fans. He's just milking the license that Sony got to the bones.

For christ sakes he chose the actor for Leon based on a f****ng haircut!

Could someone put this guy out of his misery already?

Lord_Sloth2925d ago

No way! Hair is made of stone! You're either born with it, or you aren't. Either way, there's NO SOLUTION!!!

rustyspoon802925d ago

The guys in RE4 & RE5 aren't the 'Undead', they were infected with the Las Plagas virus. They were still humans.
Sounds like we'll be seeing zombies riding motorcycles in this film, which is just wrong.