PirateThom4367d ago

By the way, in case you don't want to click...

SPA-Francorchamps with weather.

Action GO FIGURE4367d ago

"The new Course Pack includes SPA-Francorchamps (with weather effects) and Kart Space layouts I and II (each layout supports normal and reverse)."



norman294366d ago

Anyone have any info on what the difference is in the Redbull X11 (in the car pack) and the Redbull x1 (aka x10)

MintBerryCrunch4366d ago


from the website

"The fastest racing car on earth, free of any and all regulations: The X2010 project between Gran Turismo and Red Bull, had not ended with the birth of this machine. As with F1 cars which continue to evolve every year, the idea was that the X2010 must be allowed to evolve.

1 year later, the idea takes shape. This is the further advanced form of the X2010, the Red Bull X2011.

The smooth glass canopy and tyre cowling of the original X2010 gives it very low air resistance. The suction fan which produces downforce regardless of speed, together with the front and rear wings and diffusers which produce downforce at high speed, allow the X2010 to achieve a maximum speed of over 311 mph, pulling 8G’s of maximum horizontal G’s in the corners.

In the X2011, the cross section of the clear polycarbonate canopy characteristic to the car is narrowed even further, barely allowing room for the helmet and protector. This reduces the frontal surface area of the car. In addition, the cross sectional shape of the ducts connecting internal radiator, fan, and skirts is optimised to reduce cd (air resistance coefficient). There is no change to the engine type, power or downforce, but the reduced frontal surface area and cd result in less drag, and a higher top speed than the X2010.

The pursuit of ultimate speed, in a collaboration between Gran Turismo and Red Bull Racing has risen to new heights. We hope you’ll take this chance to experience the speeds attainable in this new machine."

jeseth4366d ago

The new cars look incredible. Love the looks of the Tuned CRZ and Impreza ....

Can't Wait!

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a_bro4367d ago


thats awesome, one of the best circuits ever.

VINNIEPAZ4367d ago

"By the way, in case you don't want to click..."

Why the hell would somebody click on the title but not the "Read full story" link?

Taz Yamauchi4367d ago

Car porn, its November 2010 all over again

Information Minister4367d ago


I feel like a teenage girl on a Justin Bieber Concert. SPA-Francorchamps, my favorite racing track in the world... With weather!!!

TBM4366d ago

Spa is all that needs to be said. Im going to go nuts on it like nurburg.

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LordStig4367d ago

all that for 12 bucks! my money! take! now!

Ilikegames764367d ago

That's for the complete DLC. To the fans of GT5, that's a bargain.

Spitfire_Riggz4367d ago

Did I miss something? What happened to the free DLC

n4gisatroll4367d ago

Spec 2, it was bad translation error. Not so much dlc, in the same.respect as not in a patch. Technically a patch could be downloadable content.

ginganinja4367d ago

That (2.0) is still due out today sometime.

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FearNoAngel4367d ago

New intro is badass, can't wait for Spa.

StoneyYoshi4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

i don't see the new intro in gran truism tv. unless they just didn't update it into it till after i checked.

Edit: checked again..... i see it

n4gisatroll4367d ago

Man, I was hoping for more then 2 tracks.

zeksta4367d ago

What? Cause the 26 different tracks you can already play on aren't enough?

n4gisatroll4367d ago

I like them all, but it would of been nice to get a few more tracks, some of the older favorite tracks.

RBdrift4367d ago

i was hoping in getting Seattle Circuit, Costa di Amalfi and el Capitan. I guess SPA well do for now.

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Godmars2904367d ago

Okay, as a non-racer fan, what's so big about SPA?

Though have to wonder where the Nascar tracks are.

Eoure4367d ago

Is one of the most exciting tracks ever. Also, is the favorite track of most F1 drivers, Michael Schumacher words

Godmars2904367d ago

Why do I get the feeling that its real draw is that Forza 4 doesn't have it?

Not yet anyway.

a_bro4367d ago

its one of the fastest tracks in the F1 season, and one of the longest for an F1 track. a drivers favorite

PirateThom4367d ago

It's definitely not big because it's one up on Forza. It's one of the most requested real world tracks in the game because the track is, genuinely, awesome.

Ddouble4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )


And that's just one part of track.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn4367d ago

You answered yourself: "as a non-racer fan" :P

SPA is a hard, real, fast, tecnical, old style circuit.
Not that shit like Korea or China F1 modern circuits.
True pilots loves it because of that, you NEED to be really good to be faster on SPA.