The Stupidity of Exclusivity

Jim Sterling, "A few weeks ago, I was talking to one of my colleagues about Nintendo and the recent problems it’s been having with doubtful shareholders. The launch of the 3DS certainly caused some ill will among those with a stake in the company, and Nintendo’s recent Tokyo Game Show press conference didn’t exactly set the world on fire. My friend, a big supporter of Nintendo and the 3DS in particular, said the shareholders were unhappy because Nintendo didn’t announce the one thing he believes they wanted."

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iamnsuperman3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

This article is a little dumb. Why does a company make exclusives? Answer to sell more of their system. Times are changing for third party exclusivity which makes more sense to be multiplat but why on earth would a company ( for instance Sony) would want to invest in a product that can be played on a competitive system. We all would want non exclusive titles but then if your really think about it, it is potential the worst thing that could happen to the industry. There would be little need to innovate the systems. Hardware innovation would just grind to a halt because why would one company innovate just to have games that will play on low spec systems making the hardware innovation redundant and it would be made cheaper without the innovation

Knightofelemia3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Exclusives are what serparate each console from each other Xbox has Master chief, Sony has Nathan Drake, and Nintendo has Mario. Just to name a few exclusive titles. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are going to put those characters on other consoles unless something bad happenes and they end up like Sega who makes games and puts their once exclusive characters on every console out there. Third party exclusives are disappearing because companies want to make money so they release it to every console out there. Only way a third party game stays an exclusive is if one say Sony pays to keep it exclusive to that console. Or two if a publisher has a preference to a certain console.

klecser3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

"There’s nothing stopping these things from happening, save for the stubborn refusal of the companies holding the rights. "

Well, nothing that Jim Sterling can think of, anyway, and if Jim Sterling can't think of a reason, then there must not be a reason, right?

Jim Sterling is the worst kind of entitled fiscally-moronic gamer out there. He doesn't understand the internal decisions that govern companies, and rather than just shutting his trap and watching like most socially responsible people he feels the need to open it anyway and make a bunch of assumptions that he can't back up with any inside knowledge.

I've known people like Jim Sterling all my life (playing games, both video and non) and what they all have in common is two things: 1) Above average intelligence and 2) Over-estimation of said intelligence. All of his arguments are "argument from ignorance." Now, feel free to call me on "ad hominem" attacks for this post, but I'm just sick of this tripe spewed by people who don't have the foggiest clue of what they're talking about pretending that they do, simply because the internet allows them to get away with it in a no accountability atmosphere. I left Destructoid because I was sick of hearing from this blowhard and now his articles are showing up here. FML.