Half-Life 2: Episode Two Gameplay Clip #5

The fifth of five new gameplay movies from Half-Life 2: Episode Two is now available. This week's release of movies concludes with a look at the expansive outdoor environments, new creatures, and weapons included in Episode Two.

Episode Two advances the 16-million unit selling franchise, as Valve's trilogy of episodic single player releases continues the award-winning story of Half-Life 2. Armed with new weaponry and vehicles, Dr. Gordon Freeman must race through a countryside riddled with an increasingly fierce Combine threat.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two is targeted for release in Q1 2007 for release on the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and will include Team Fortress 2 and Portal.

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specialguest5394d ago

this game looks really good. see that robot with the legs and it's smaller buddy that chases you relentlessly, now that's a good example of intelligent AI.