Nintendo Update | Super Paper Mario Heading to Wii

Intelligent Systems, the team behind countless classics such as Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, Metroid Fusion and the Paper Mario RPGs, has been hard at work on a Paper Mario spin-off called Super Paper Mario, a platform-cum-RPG for the GameCube, which was supposed to launch in Japan toward the end of August. The game, however, suspiciously disappeared from release lists, along with the long gone new Kirby GC game, and people wondered what was going on.

Now, if Matt from IGN is to be believed, the game has been practically confirmed as coming to the Nintendo Wii instead.

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Sphinx5858d ago

...about anyone else, but it looks like the Wii is going to get a lot of AAA titles early in its life cycle!

One5858d ago

i have to say it is a very smart move by nintendo because paper mario is definitely one of the top selling gamecube games, and i should know cuz paper mario is the sh!t

ChickeyCantor5857d ago

...if you look at the picture...its the same move in papermario series but this time the camera moves with ya to the side.... kinda cool effect.

but i cant w8 to have this game Wii or GC i dont care...papermario is to me one of the greatest games ever!