Space Giraffe Swears Revenge on Media

Jeff Minter can't take bad press apparently, so he has issued a media blackout on his upcoming project, according to Gameplayer.

"Nobody not known and trusted by us even gets a sniff of this till it's out after the f***ing-over we got last time."

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kn3990d ago

Whatever project he is working on doesn't interest me as I thought space giraffe sucked ass.

Jdoki3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

I have a lot of respect for Minter. But I'm not sure how relevant his output is in the current industry.

I'm not saying that games like his are no longer needed or wanted - quite the opposite in fact. But the game has to be good.

Space Giraffe was not a good game. The fundamental mechanics were there for a solid game, but the way it was wrapped up and presented was not good... The biggest problem was that the crazy backgrounds often obscured the action... This is a fundamental and basic problem which should not appear in modern games (or any games... even old Sinclair Spectrum games did a better job of differentiating backgrounds with characters and bullets and they only had 8 colours to choose from)!

If Minter has an issue with the press he's not going to do himself any favours by bad mouthing them, especially as for the most part they were spot on in their reviews.

On a side note, perhaps he would just like to submit his next game to Edge (UK) magazine and no one else for review... His regular column seemed to guarantee Space Giraffe a score way higher than it deserved and is the only time I've felt Edge compromised their normally high integrity.