Diablo creator: MMOs 'in a rut, mainly WoW clones'

Diablo co-creator and Marvel Universe Online dev, David Brevik, has criticised the MMO genre – saying it’s stuck in a rut of World of Warcraft clones, and stressing the importance of looking outside that bracket when developing an MMO.

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supremacy3545d ago

Same could be said about shooters, or the gaming industry as a whole. Atleast for what I see.

Lazy_Sunday3544d ago

Shooters are very much the same, but all have different elements that make them stronger and different. The difference is that shooters have developed a formula that works, and borrow from many other shooters, while continuing to create new elements, and continue to emphasize the givens.

MMOs are just clones of WoW in every way now--people have forgotten about invention, and new ways of playing, and they all basically have some form of hotkey bar down center, since that's an MMO must have? No, it's not--in fact it's the reason most people stopped playing MMOs, since they just started to clutter around WoW cloning. It's ludicrous, and it needs to stop.

MMOs just do the same thing, and for a game that needs to have at least 200 hours of playtime, the same thing won't get you very far if it's not fun.

Noami3545d ago

and wow is a clone if we put it like that wasnt the first mmorpg alot of it content and game play have similarity of other mmorpg but alot of wow addicts wont admit it..blind as heaven.

thats_just_prime3544d ago

Everquest was the game that set the standarded in MMORPG's everything after EQ has been a clone more or less of EQ. In a lot of ways its still the standard setter. A lot of thing appear in EQ before you seen them in other games. I think Star wars ToR is goin to set a lot of standards too.

oddexarcadia3544d ago

WoW clones were the reason why I was so excited about DC Universe Online. While there are still similarities, tier gear, instanced raids, etc. The combat was a huge selling point for me. No just sitting back and letting the macros do the work for you.
While the combat system is neat in PVE, it doesn't really shine until you get into PVP. You actually have to have some degree of skill and knowledge of what your character can do to become good at PVP.
It really is a shame that SOE is pretty much sitting on their thumbs when it comes to this game. It could be much bigger and better.

3544d ago