Top Ten Final Fantasy Spin-Offs

It hasn’t always been Nintendo DS Chocobo farming and the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy saga, Final Fantasy has a long standing history of dabbling with other genres, themes and mediums. In truth, the many spin-offs over the years by far outweigh the bloodline releases, with more than double the amount of titles baring the Final Fantasy name than the simple one-through-fourteen numbered editions. And then if you take into account the videogames which have been spiritually based on the Final Fantasy legacy in some way – which, for the purposes of this article, Electronic Theatre most certainly is – the number of spin-off releases scales way beyond forty titles. That’s a significant number for any series.

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Tanir4192d ago

easy without lookin, Advent children, crisis core, kingdom hearts, ff tactics, thats whaat comes to mind for me atleast