Crysis 1 – PS3/Xbox360 Gameplay HD

This is the PS3 version of Crysis 1. Crysis is now released for Playstation 3 and Xbox360.First it came out on PC in november 2007 with cryengine 2. Cryengine 2 couldn’t handle for consoles but with cryengine 3, the game looks very smooth, good graphics, gameplay is still the same

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adamant7152618d ago

Looks amazing! Even better than BF3 imo.

Godmars2902618d ago

Around 16:00 the AI looked pretty dumb. Couldn't be bothered to take cover.

DungBeetle2618d ago

In the PC version the AI sometimes just moves back and forth rapily sidestepping your shots. That makes it hard to hit and I guess it qualifies as challenging, but doesn't really make you feel like you are fighting a North Korean soldier.

dantesparda2618d ago

I have the game and am 70% through the game, and the graphics are just alright. Not bad, but not incredible and the game is decent, but i think i like part 2 better and i beat that game. Decent for $20 though

jetlian2618d ago

ps3er game is easily one of the best looking games.

dantesparda2618d ago

Huh? wtf does that mean? "alert ps3er"? I'm not that impressed by the graphics, to much fade in/pop in on the trees. I dont like seeing the shadows being drawn right in front of me. Alot of the graphics look rather fuzzy/low res and flat. I dont like seeing the line that separates the mip maps. And the list goes on and on. But its not a horrible looking game. It still looks good for a console game, but this gen is just looking to dated to me.

jetlian2618d ago

don't have a clue. please do everyone a favor and shut it. Draw distance as of right now second to none. shadows are fine too.

dantesparda2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

Why dont you do us a favor and shut it, you dont have a clue, i dont care if you think its draw distance is so great. Im not impressed, now move along kid. Its not my fault you are easily impressed. You're simply basing your opinion on the draw distance and the shadows? Please, the game doesnt look that great!

dirthurts2618d ago

I thought someone might want to see how the pc vs console comparison looked.
Someone may be interested.

playaplayer2617d ago

I've already beaten the game on delta and I got to say I was amazed about how good this game looks. It's got to be in the top 5 best looking games on 360. If you have a PS3 or 360 you should give this game a chance. We'll worth the $20 it costs if you don't have a gaming pc. The way i played is. I made every effort to kill all enemies in the game. More challenging than just cloaking to your destination.