ATLUS gives players a reason to dust off their copies of Demon's Souls

Dark Souls just came out and chances are you are only reading this in order to give your thumbs a break. But ATLUS is urging players not to shelve those old copies of Demon's Souls just yet with a special celebration in honor of the game's two-year anniversary.

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Canary2659d ago

Dark Souls makes me want to re-buy Demons Souls. My memory is that DS played a lot tighter and looked better, but that's probably wrong. At the very least, I feel I should give the game another chance--never did get very far.

Kind of odd that someone who could barely handle the first game like me is able to breeze through Dark Souls with hardly any trouble. 15 hours in and I'm already level 60.

n4gisatroll2659d ago

Demons souls is amazing! You need to rebuy it for sure!

LadyGaga2658d ago

Level sixty only fifteen hours in?

Are you a wizard?

Spenok2657d ago

Lmao my thoughts exactly. I'm 15 hours in to Dark souls myself and i just hit lvl 29.

BiggCMan2659d ago

Pshh, my copy hasn't needed a single dusting off since I bought it. I played that game so much, I know every secret, every nook and cranny, I never die anymore, I got the platinum trophy, and I STILL play it!! At least I was still playing before I got Dark Souls last week. But that doesn't mean I won't ever touch it again. Once I finish Dark Souls for my first time, I will play Demon's Souls again for some nice times with my highest character.

WildArmed2659d ago


I love Demons Souls. I've come back to that game on and off since 09.
Esp. when they did PBWT events. It's the best time to play.
I hope we see more PBWT events, I'll def. be hopping on and helping / invading fellow Soul hunters.

Spenok2657d ago

Guess ill just have to grind more when I start playing again. I remember having a hard time finding a good spot to do that in. Which is another reason I stopped playing. Lol, I'm sure there are plenty of good guides now lol.

Spenok2656d ago

i forget my lvl, but im pretty sure im in the 30's. And at the same time im stuck on Dark Souls atm. Just got me the drake sword, and some new armor.... you know what? F-it, im gonna pop in demons souls tonight and try to grind to lvl 50 :D

Ill shoot you a message, my PSN is Spenok as well.

Spenok2657d ago

Damn, you got the plat for Demons? My hat is off to you. I really wanna go back to demons myself. But I was having such a hard time with it just before I quit playing (still have my save data tho)

I got invaded ALL the time by f'in mages (soooo overpowered) and the two boss fight where you have to fight two... don't remember what they were... basically like the fight in dark souls, the two gargoyles for the bell. I couldn't for the life of me beat them is Demons, but was lucky enough to in dark souls.

Maybe I need to roll another character or something. But I definitly would love to go back to it. Especially after having such a good time with dark souls lately.

BiggCMan2657d ago

A tip for black phantoms, just play offline, or stay in soul form. Either of those prevents from getting invaded. As for the man eater boss, you just gotta do your best. They are the hardest boss in the game in my opinion, at least during my first 2 playthroughs, now they are easy.

WildArmed2656d ago

If your character is around lv50, we can play some co-op in Demons Souls then.

It really helps having a co-op partner.
There are two big spots for grinding souls, but the game is more about equipment (and knowing enemy movement).

Ofc, u'll need to meet the preqs for the equipment too lol

WildArmed2656d ago

Sweet, i'll hit you a msg when I hop online then ^^

Der_Kommandant2659d ago

How about some DLC?

Give us the sixth Archstone, It would be pretty cool to take down giants

BiggCMan2659d ago

6th archstone, hell yea!

bangoskank2659d ago

What kind of idiot disagrees with this?

n4gisatroll2659d ago

@ bangoshank

The ones who doesnt like the fact that demons souls is still amazing. I can't wait to finally pop in dark souls, but demons souls will be one of my fav games, this gen, maybe ever.

showtimefolks2659d ago

This awesome game which you can get firunder 15. If you have not bought it please buy it new to support atlus. Atlus are one of the most under rated devs/publishers

Their next game is due out soon for only 39.99 I think it's cursed crusade which sounds awesoe hoping for a great game

Also their game 3d dot hero is a great and very under rated game

Have peace good night. When done with demon soul maybe it's time to move onto dark souls

lashes2ashes2659d ago

cursed crusade is horrible. the reviews i have seen are really negative on it

zero_gamer2659d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes and Demon's Souls really are excellent games. They bring back the glory days when gaming wasn't mainstream. I usually lean toward underdog titles when choosing video games to purchase as there is a multitude of mainstream titles out there that I just cannot lose myself to.

n4gisatroll2659d ago

Speaking of 3D dot game heroes, I need to play that and beat it still. I'm only in, 8 hours. But DS is epically amazing.

Spenok2657d ago

FYI the developer for all the games you mentioned (except the cursed crusade) is From Software. The cursed crusade is being made by kalypto or something. And unfortunately lashes2ashes is right. Not about it being horrible (as I have yet to play it) but pretty much every review has been negative for it.

I'll probably rent it to give it a try. It looks interesting.

D0ffy2659d ago

Just bought Demon's Souls and I have to say.. it's really not that SERIOUSLY ÜBER FREAKING FUCKING HARD as people make it up to be. I don't know if it's because it'll get harder later, but I've defeated 4 bosses and died like 5-6 times only.

Still it's an extremely good game and I'm already addicted.

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