Will i Die With Steve Jobs?

Joseph Turner of "What is the biggest gaming platform, the one that has sold the best and has more games than any other out there? Did you guess the DS? Wii? PS3? Xbox 360? PS1 even? Well you’d be wrong."

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_DarkCharizard_3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Hopefully not, but its an undeniable possibility.

princejb1343269d ago

this man is a magician, he made a company come out of bankruptcy to the most popular wanted company in the world in about a century not many can do that
god bless him and rip steve jobs you will be missed, you are a legend=]

Best3269d ago

What type of crappy story is this?

Sashamaz3269d ago

Dude, not picking fights or causing trouble or anything along those lines, but he started Pixar... and helped create the technology behind it, there would be no pixar animations without him. He made the first mac in his parents garage and created some of the words first caligraphic typefaces for computers.
Without Steve Jobs animation, design and computer technology would be nothing like it is today. It's pretty safe to say he was one of the people who made it possible for you to do the kind of artwork you do.
Not only was he an excellent example of how to live life, going to work everyday up until his final months of life not because he thought he didnt have enough money, but because he loved what he was doing, he changed the way we see technology, how we interact with it, and with each other, he changed the way we design things and make art, he Changed animation for ever.
He was an inspirational man on so many levels and he changed the world we live in,
just as John Lennon was an inspirational man because of his want and belief in a better world for all of us. if you untwisted your knickers for a minute, maybe you should step back absorb some of this and show a little respect, and possibly consider that prehaps the way in which your argueing this point may not really be in the spirit of the person your seemingly argueing them for. Steve Jobs died a revolutionary of our time and over all as a family man, not all that unlike John Lennon. take a moment, take a breath, and think before you speak in such a derogatory, ignorant manner, and maybe take a moment to acknowledge that one of the fore fathers of technology as we know it has passed away.

Glory TO copy and paste

This dude describes Steve Jobs quite well for all those of you that are either just plain stupid and misinformed.

princejb1343268d ago

thank you sashamaz, a lot of these people are a bit to ignorant to know the outside world besides in gaming thats why they hit the disagree button

denero13269d ago

makes me sad but i-products aren't on the way out for awhile at least I just hope they can still have the soul and emotion
that this man gave to the company

I won't be getting the iphone 4s but i will be considering the iphone 5 :P

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33269d ago

It just seems the world may have gotten a little less fun.

nondecaf3269d ago

I find the title offensive could have been better.

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