RPG's, Not the games they used to be

Years ago, gamers had many different RPG series to choose from, all coming from Japan. "Final Fantasy," "Shin Megami Tensai," "Ys," "Tales," and "Suikoden" were all amongst the greatest role-playing series and are still highly regarded. However...

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TurismoGTR2595d ago

blame it on the 360. Back in the PS2 days.. it was all about the games! you had just about everything from RPG's to everything!

Ever since the XBOX been released.. it's been about First Person shooters and just about everyone stopped caring about the story of the game and jumps right in Online. But little do they kno it gets stale real fast! just look at Halo, It was HUGE back in 2004, look at it now. It's nothing compared to Call of Duty.. but it's all good cause call of duty will soon follow Halo.. cause they dont learn!

what ever happen to games like

Jaks Series
Final Fantasy games
Dragon Quest
Kingdom hearts

DigitalRaptor2594d ago

Unfortunately you have to wait for games like that.

Ni No Kuni
The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy Versus XIII

MariaHelFutura2594d ago

Tlg isn't really a rpg. It most likely be the best game ever made. But its not really a rpg.

Venox20082593d ago

you had to wait almost all gen for those titles.. /s

I blame X360, because I think many casuals switched to FPS'es (because there are very much of them there, PS3 too, but Xbox takes the cake) and they like those.. so I think lots of money are being spent on FPS'es and shooters, while good games are underapreciated..

that's my opinion.. this gen in game quality & quantity is nothing compare one gen before..

Tigerfist2594d ago

Blame it on the 360?

Lost Odissey?

Blue Dragon?

Yeah right...

otakukidd2594d ago

And blame it on the 360 for piss poor sales. Why else would those be the only two games mist walker made for the 360

omi25p2594d ago

Blame it on how expensive games are to make. Also you do realise that the most played game's on ps3 are FPS's

ChocolateGiddyUp2594d ago

Car broke down? Blame it on the 360.
Shoelaces came untied? Blame it on the 360.
Steve Jobs died? Blame it on the 360.
REM broke up? You better believe it's the 360's fault.

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zeal0us2594d ago

I blame times and the world's economy. Nowadays most development teams are put under a heavier time limit than those of the 90's or early 2000's. Cost have gone way up compare to then(90's and 00's). Studios/Gaming(some) companies is either getting shut down, brought out or merging in today's time.

RPG, rather Jprgs or etc, takes longer to develop compare to most of the other genres. The cost can be enormous.

Godmars2902594d ago

I blame HD consoles and the rush to put games on them. The emphasis on realtime, 1-1 world scale and LOTR gritty reality design.

Outside_ofthe_Box2594d ago

I don't get what's wrong with realtime and 1 to 1 world scale maps.

Let things evolve. Everyone wants everything to stay the same.

Godmars2902594d ago

Nothing wrong with it, its just that turn based gameplay and strategy elements are being ignored.

XFON2594d ago

It's just gaming evolution I guess. People want fast paced action or action in general. RPG's take a lot of grinding, gameplay can be slow, and throws detours at you (side quests). Also, as someone mentioned, RPG's are probably expensive to make. Create different towns, people, environments, big story, etc..

I would kill for a traditional Turn Based JRPG right now. Most of it is like FF12 combat where you just run around and fight. One of the reasons why I dug FF13 so much. It has a mix of real time combat as well as turnbased.

coryok2594d ago

white knight chronicles gameplay is a lot like ff12

VampiricDragon2594d ago

Another article written from someone who has no clue about rpogs.

And most of these comments are the same.

Son_Lee2594d ago

I don't think anyone has a clue about "rpogs."

knifefight2594d ago

"I traded your soul for pogs. ALF pogs. Remember Alf? He's back. In pog form."

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