Blu-Ray exclusively gets Final Fantasy VII Advent Children "Complete"

Square-Enix have announced that Blu-Ray owners will be able to get their hands on Final Fantasy VII's movie sequel, Advent Children in high definition exclusively on November 30th, 2007 in Japan.

Not only will Blu-Ray owners of the movie get higher definition and better quality sound, but this new cut of the movie features extended and extra scenes as well as a plethora of additional content on the disc. A Western release has not yet been announced.

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Real gamer 4 life3986d ago

Square enix show Alot of love to the sony platform, I think both of these companys look after each other, Eversince square left nintendo, they side with sony and always stood by then. Sony gets the most anticipated games from square enix. All of square big titles were all released to the playstaion platform and their biggest tiltles stayed exclusive aswell. The reason why sony Has the best rpg games out is because of square and factor 5. The reason why PS1 was sooo sucessful was because of ff7.

lilwingman3986d ago

If you're talking about RPGs, I believe you mean Level-5.

n_n3986d ago

yeah, please do NOT tarnish Level-5's rep with Factor 5's crap... that's just insulting

lilwingman3986d ago

Give me a US release date!

AP3986d ago

I'm pretty sure the JP version includes both voice tracks anyway, so you could always import.

Grassroots3986d ago

OMG please give a western release ASAP.

ruibing3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Blu Ray movies are region locked (though I'm not sure whether U.S. and Japan are in the same region as there are only three) so I much rather not have to import from Yes-Asia with a hiked up price if they can just release it for the U.S. by the holidays.

jaja14343986d ago

Us and Japan are in different regions, but usually on DVD Japans movies are not locked. Is that not the case on BR?

m91058263986d ago

DV regions are different than DVD regions, and I'm 99% sure Japan and the US are in the same region this time around.

pwnsause3986d ago

US and Japan are in the same region code for BR, so its ok to import.

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Bonsai12143986d ago

man, this in 1080p. especially the sepheroth fight scene. my eyes will explode.. haha

Rythrine3986d ago

I'll be buying this without a second thought. Hopefully, western release won't be that long.

WilliamRLBaker3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )


Published, And Filmed inpart with sony its comming to VHS! exclusively.

As for that I own the special collectors dvd edition and its nothing to brag about its worse then The spirits with in, its nothing but eye candy there really isn't much of a cloud finds him self and saves the world he goes back to being that depressed melancholy retarded again?

Can any one say Awesome fantasy 7! I AM MY OWN MONSTER *starts cutting wrist*

lol many reviwers of that movie have said the same thing the story is pretty much null:) and the above is opinio by the way....AWESOME FANTASY 7!

Lets go walk through this landmarkless field of green and fight monsters!!!

n_n3986d ago

lol... (i always get a kick when i see that vid.. hahaha)

(even though it IS the best rpg i've ever played)

macalatus3986d ago


Odd...I find that of all the people in this site, you're the one who is actually most obsessed with FF7! Hell, I won't be surprised if you're the type of guy who will argue with anybody personally in public at even the mere mention of FF7. Let me were voted by your high school peers as the "most embarrassing person" and/or "most beaten-up geekoid".

Lionsguard3986d ago

I can smell the envy just emanating off of you.

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