Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Gamespot Review

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Gamespot Review: 8.0

"Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is not a game about new ideas. The gameplay can and has been summed up as "Tomb Raider meets Gears of War," and the story plays almost like an unfilmed National Treasure script, which is another way of saying that the Indiana Jones influence on the story is palpable. Keep in mind that "derivative" isn't the same as "bad." Developer Naughty Dog has assembled its borrowed parts with great proficiency to create an action adventure game with momentum, one that is filled with exciting set pieces, a real cinematic scope, and some of the most gorgeous visuals you'll see in a game."

The Good

* Lush jungle environments are stunningly realized
* Drake's animations are nuanced and naturalistic.

The Bad

* Tough and plentiful enemies can make firefights frustrating
* Platforming elements can be too forgiving
* Certain story elements are underdeveloped.

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gamesblow4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

Another screw job... I'm jsut glad most people had the game before these reviews hit. Otherwise they'd be clueless on how wrong all these 8's are. Uncharted was a 10... not hindered by technical limitations, like some systems who buy their reviews.

The thing I love... R&CFTOD was too easily, lets dock points. Uncharted is too hard, lets dock points. They didn't mention any of the faults they gave Mass Effect, yet give mass effect .5 more on the point scale. this is just absurd. It's getting out of control.

xhi44897d ago

tough intelligent AI......i didnt know that was a bad thing.

Platforming elements too forgiving, what, do you want this human being jumping around missing branches too make it harder?

They can't be serious.......

kevoncox4897d ago

ign = biased
Gamespot = biased
1up = biased
Game Informer = Biased

At what point do you ps3 fanboy's come back to reality?
I do think some of their negatives are harsh but it's their opinion.
Don't like it don't read it.

gamesR4fun4897d ago

Ive played this and Mass effect (ya got it early) both are good games but Uncharted is the only one that comes close to a ten.Trust me once you try ME you'll see what a load of bs these sites are. I swear you spend over half the game trying to drive that retarded moon lander and the other half wishing for a solid frame rate... The game peaks at 30 fps (seems like a whole lot less for most of the game tho) While I found the story top notch and the graphics very nice (even at a low framerate) its not a AAA game.
Uncharted on the other hand is near flawless graphics are amazing and the game feels tight. No flaws at all unless you call an intelligent and responsive AI a flaw...

Danja4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

The Good

* Lush jungle environments are stunningly realized
* Drake's animations are nuanced and naturalistic.

haha so those are the most exceptinal thing about the game..?

the by far the smartest i've see in a game...

Platforming too forgiving I see someone only likes to run and gun..

and wow certain parts of the story should feel underdeveloped other wise there wouldn't be a need for a sequel...

so how did it score an 8 when he hardly stated anything bad about it..?

FVCK GamaeSpot...first Ratchet had too much variety so that's a bad thing , now Uncharted has really smart A.I..well implemented platforming elements and a story that leaves a couples loose eds..because they planned it as a trilogy..makes the game bad in some weird way..?..

I bet there gonna say when Killzone comes out that the Graphics is too freaking amazing so they have to take off .5pnts bcuz they thought that GG/Sony was bluffing with the E3 trailer..!

The Brave 14897d ago

totally agree with u Gamesblow.For me gamespot has been irrelevant since they gave R&C a 7.5.But this just proves what I have been saying all along,some reviewers are corrupt or have been paid decently.I mean for a game to get less points because its A.I is too fuking smart is ridiculous.Its a decent score but Uncharted deserves at least a 9 or more.By the way have u heard about a certain high profile game with glitches all over the place,rampant slowdown lame gameplay etc, and still got 10s from some assholes(mass effect).This just proves my point that certain reviews are rigged.The sad part is that beautiful PS3 games are being the victims.

kevoncox4897d ago

They gave Mass effect an 8.5
Whose b*tching? What is wrong with you guys. Face it Sony and you guys have painted the ps3 in to a corner with it promises and under deliverance. I love the ps3 but it sounds like Ps3 games are being compared to what the ps3 should be able to do.

Sometimes a game is great but it just isn't that great a game.
Example, Eternal Sonata looks amazing, plays amazing but the game is an 8.3 to me. Sometimes being good isn't good enough.

I haven't played drake but it's possible the game just wasn't impressive. I am a huge fan of Gamespot, their reviews are spot on.
Typically. Last gen when a game like MGS2 and GTA was getting 9.9s no one complained. Guess what, they aren't 9.9 I rather a harsh review than an overblown one. Here's to the b*tching stopping.

Danja4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

How about you don't pass any comment on the game until you've played it ..I have the game im now 10hrs and 70% completed...ok...

The reviewer basically pointed everything that the game did right..and labelled CONS...

How come they can give game like Assassin Creed get a 9..but it has so much freakin froze my PS3 5 times last night...did reveiwers even play that game cuz I haven't heard anyone mention about experiencing bugs and glitches..

GTA and MGS games always get 9+ scores..cuz they are well crafted surprise there MG2..deserves all the praise it got back then.and is still agreat game to this day.....

If you don't have a PS3 find someone who does...and play the UNCHARTED demo you'll see why this game deserves more than an 8...


WilliamRLBaker4897d ago

Tough enemies isn't a con! I like it when I have a shotgun pointed at an enemies head point blank and he doesn't die instantly and manages to kill me with a pistol!!

I like it when the jumping and running is too easy, I like not falling to my death once in a game cause I like an easy platformer where I can run through its puzzle type platforming parts the first time through and never make a mistake.

lol its yet another sonyfanboy.
BURN THEM, STONE THEM! they didn't give the game the review I wanted because I loved the game BURN THEM!!! how dare they not like what i like! how dare they not give every thing sony platnium trophy of the year! every thing on ps3 is god like!

kevoncox4897d ago

Get your panties in a bunch. Cry abou it.
I never said i played the game. I just think it's stupid to moan and groan about it. I poited out that I played ES and while it's a perfect game, it's just a great game. It happens. This is this guy's opinion.
They don't like it. So keep acting like a lil p*ssy.

Maybe, maybe.
They are tightening the lackluster 9s and 10s they have been handing out. Guess what. MGS2 is the worst game in the franchise and after the tanker, the game was just average. GTA SA...was so average but it got 9.9s all the time. Come on many Grow some b*lls. Things are more important that crying about reviews.

EZCheez4897d ago

And have come to a conclusion.

That has to be one of the best games I have ever played. I honestly cannot think of any problems I had with the game except that I didn't want it to be over when it was. Let the "reviewers" say what they want. It will not change the fact that this game is a masterpiece.

True gaming perfection. Does it do anything new? No. Did I expect it to? No. But everything it does do it does mgnificantly. Not many games will leave you wanting to play again as soon as the credits roll, but this one did.

Danja4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

HAHA your first sentence revealed how mature you are ..I said don't pass any comment on the game util you've played it..

"I haven't played drake but it's possible the game just wasn't impressive. I am a huge fan of Gamespot, their reviews are spot on."

so you haven't playd the game and you said it's possible the game isn't that great...hence don't judge the game till you've played it..and a next thing Gamespot reviewers are hardly ever spot on..they are biased and sometimes forget that they are writing a review about the actual game and not about there personal feeling about the game

They aren't tightening any lacklusters and w/e...they gave AC a didn't deserve that score an 8 sure ...

MGS2 a the time was a technical impressve game so it gt great scores for beign that
GTA:SA dude did you see the size of that game..the variety it offered it had a good story..and so many other things...come on..give props where it's dew buddy...

and nobody is crying over a review..we are upset bcuz Gamespot is always giving PS3 games half-assed biased reviews

mesh14896d ago

uncharted is a failure thus shown buy reviewws the game was soooooo hyped up as the best ps gam this year and falls flat on its arse this is what happenswhen u start taking devs that focus on kid oreintated games and think they can make games on the scope of lets say halo 3/mass effect ans so on

n_n4896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

tell me how many games don't "borrow" influences from another one. there's nothing new anymore. it's all been said and done before. ND took gameplay that people enjoyed and mixed it up and polished it up. and to say that smart A.I and a challenge is a Con is absurd.


you need to take that xbox that MS shoved up your *ss out. it's making you stupid.

Area_514896d ago

check this out this is Ryan Davis's personel page @ gamespot he has 85 360 games and 1 ps3 game

Keyser4896d ago

I'm with you dude. I can't believe they let this guy review Uncharted. His preferred platform is the 360(He states), he's waiting to play more 360 games and he owns over $14,000 worth of 360 games. Now maybe it's me but I think he may be a little biased.

This is like asking Bill Gates to right a review about the new Mac Powerbook. This may be stupidity at it's worse.

I own a 360 and some 360 games but not $14K worth. I own a few more games on my PS3 than my 360 (4 more) so it's pretty balanced but 85:1, seriously.

They should be ashamed.

zapass4896d ago

these reviewers are funny, they sound like a bunch of old farts looking at a tsunami coming and trying to keep positive and confident that staying was the right choice: hilarious.

box is for dorks who were either sleeping or not yet born when shooters were still cool, 12 years ago on the PC. now I'm going to play that car chase jungle scene again, just for fun on hard, pure exclusive fun, mmmm. Later today, I'll mail my 2007 Christmas vaseline shipment to my xbox buddies: it'll help'em appreciate the true innovative value and technological achievements of MassEffect now that the halo masturbation is over.

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pwnsause4897d ago

I loled with this

"The Bad

* Tough and plentiful enemies can make firefights frustrating
* Platforming elements can be too forgiving
* Certain story elements are underdeveloped."

Seriously WTF, who reviewed at gamespot this time? are these guys HIGH, are they taking shrooms??

the worst4897d ago

It has to have online multiplayer
It has to be more than 20 hours long
and it has to be on the 360

solar4897d ago

as someone who has eaten my fair share of shrooms, they would not lead to this kinda non-sense :D marijuana yes...shrooms no :P

EZCheez4897d ago

"The game attempts to add some twists and turns to the plot, but they never really pan out."

PLEASE. No one and I mean no one saw what was coming in the last 1/4 of that game. Doesn't pan out my ass.

Chitown712914897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

Yo if Lamespot isn't getting paid by microsoft then they are on crack.
"Tough and plentiful enemies can make firefights frustrating "
Yeah that's what the hell Sony built the Cell for, for games with better f**king AI. Gamespot or Gayspot whatever the hell you all name is .............................. ............................... ..........................Suck my d**k. This game rocks you cunts.

The Brave 14897d ago

maybe they just want the A.I to be dumb and stupid so u can just breeze thru the game ala Gears of WAR

cr33ping_death4897d ago

FLOP?? you mean like your moms vagina?

blusoops4897d ago

By your own logic Mass Effect = Flop too...ROFL! (end sarcasm)
Try PLAYING games instead of going by reviews..Uncharted is one of the best games I've ever played.