Rumour: Modder Making SuperPS3 (Improved Textures, Draw-Distance in Games)

The PlayStation 3 is already a beast of a machine. Sony’s platform is not only used by gamers; the console has been put to good use by Universities, the military, and helping towards the case of cancer via the form of Folding @ Home. However, despite the console’s sheer power and capabilities, a modder has seemingly managed to enhance the platform even further consequently resulting in improved textures, draw-distance, and much more.

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smurfz3714d ago

I don't think this is possible, but color me intrigued!

sikbeta3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

It's a gaffer, dude said he coud do it with GTAIV and U:DF, no idea how but was posting some pics, don't know if legit though...

rob60213714d ago

wonder if better hardware would take care of the screen tearing in U:DF.

fear883714d ago

Essentially all he has done was replace the capacitors, improve the shielding from the power supply, and improve on the cooling of both the CPU and GPU in order to reduce electronic noise being leaked through the video signal and processing components.

This won't add more memory or help render textures faster. All this does is reduce picture noise and deliver a CLEARER picture.

I am impressed by the level of know-how this guy exhibited but surprised that he does not notice the most obvious flaw of the PS3 is a lack of memory and data bandwidth.

Kutaragi designed the PS3 as "a dream machine" for shear number crunching. But while Kutaragi was looking at "how fast calculations can be made" he overlooked the aspect that all games and applications need memory allocated to perform well to the end user.

Having faster ram only helps if there is enough to go around and there was clearly not enough to store all the textures and model data. Even if you streamed that data, that data would not be transfered fast enough and memory will still need to be allocated to which there just isn't enough.

I am impressed by what extent this guy goes through to improve the PS3 but at the end of the day, rumor or not, there isn't enough of an improvement to justify this and it becomes a wasted effort.

nveenio3714d ago

Your comment makes sense if we're talking about early multiplatform games. But I think that Rage and games like Uncharted 2/3 show that the PS3 is plenty capable of delivering fantastic graphics, even with a stunted maximum number of available RAM.

fear883714d ago

Naughty Dog has excelled in designing their levels in a way to reduce the need for high res textures being rendered too soon. A lot of their levels are very well optimized to a degree that they use very little ram.

Naughty Dog are just in a whole other league compared to most devs this gen. They are very very talented and personally I cannot wait to see what they can do with the PS Vita.

Rage on the other hand seems to have a problem freeing up enough memory fast enough to render the next batch of textures which is why it has frequent pop-ins. If it has more ram, there would not be an issue trying to free up the memory fast enough.

I mean it looks great when you are standing still but as soon as you move into another area to be rendered it just does not stay good looking.

One developer though that has impressed me with the rendering of larger environments and higher textures is Santa Monica Studios. The environments in God of War 3 are VERY large and everything from the lighting, anti-aliasing, and textures are well done.

PS3 is not a bad platform in any sense but it does have its limitations and the games would look phenomenal with an additional 256MB of ram.

It would greatly improve draw distances in games and prevent texture pop-ins.

PS Vita though will definitely be a great platform for developers.

nveenio3714d ago

Your issue with Rage's cause of pop-in being due to Ram is completely and utterly false. I can prove this right now by showing you video from my PC copy of Rage. I'm running a GTX 460 1GB with 8GB Ram, and I still have texture pop-in. It's obviously not due to insufficient memory. It's because of Carmack's engine and the way it handles his megatextures.

You can't blame the problems of an engine on a lack of Ram, especially when you can have an abundance of Ram and still experience the same issues as a lesser platform.

The fact that my PC rig and the PS3 experience the same issues with Rage prove that the issue is not hardware but software instead.

Naughty Dog are FANTASTIC developers. What's more is that they have no level loading (just like Sony Santa Monica and God of War 3). Streaming everything into 512MB of combined Ram for two of the best looking games this generation???

You seriously can not still think that Ram is the issue. Software plays such a HUGE part in development. More so than the hardware.

limewax3713d ago


Yeah with Rage it is a huge design flaw in the mega-textures technology. I get the same issue through an [email protected] and a 3gb gtx 580 lightning xtreme with the same 8gb ram.

Even more disturbingly it brings my GPU temps up to new found levels of 62c whereas something like Unigine Heaven benchmarker will only manage 54c. I don't know what Carmack actually has been doing over these last 6 years but I wont be taking much interest in any game that uses Mega-Textures in the future

Sarcasm3713d ago

It sounds a bit ridiculous.

How would physical hardware changes affect the software level?

It's like the game developers design a game to do 2 + 2, and the guy changes a few capacitors and mumbo jumbo and claims the game now does 2 + 3.

Call me skeptical for a reason on this.

gamingdroid3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

The question isn't if there is pop-ins. It is if there is less pop-ins? Comparison between the PS3 and Xbox 360 (not installed) version, shows significant more pop-ins on the PS3. You can see the video here:

The PC version is based off the console version, and if not properly not optimized will exhibit similar pop-ins as well. It should be significantly reduced though since the Xbox 360 version is reduced as well.

If the streaming of texture is slow it will be more pronounced, so on the Xbox 360 install it. On PC, if you have an SSD hard drive, install it on that!

I think it is pretty common sense that if you can't stream the textures fast enough that more video RAM is preferable so you can load it in the background. Of course that doesn't mean it pop-ins are eliminated, because "loading" takes time.

Thecraft19893713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

inveni0 I don't think you aware that rage pop ins where fixed by allowing it to access more of the video ram. So fear88 was correct It was memory

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gaffyh3714d ago

I don't see anything special in the screens, they look the same to me. Only way to see the difference is to take a shot from a non "Super" PS3, otherwise this is the most pointless endeavour ever.

SilentNegotiator3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

GamersMint always has a credible rumor on hand.



Super ps3 ??? Oh, I already own one of those...Actually a lot of us do!

zeddy3713d ago

im sure if they built uncharted 1 and gta 4 from the ground up again, it would look way better than those pics, just look at uncharted 3.

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psb3714d ago

but the pics do look better. Who knows, I'll be keeping a tab on this for sure.

SilentNegotiator3714d ago

I'd be willing to bet it is a photoshop. And yes, you CAN fake an offscreen shot with photoshop.

doctorstrange3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

But it sounds weird and unlikely.

Would be cool if it was true tho.

StillGray3714d ago

This better be true. I'm gonna re-play all the Uncharted games if so.

FlareDReborn3714d ago

Oh really? I will be looking into this more.