Gears Of War Screenshots

These shots are from a few levels of the game, I have never seen them so I hope you haven't either. They look fantastic

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richie5861d ago

ps3 lovers eat this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

f1r3waII K1LL3r5861d ago

Always in low res yet it still look unbelievable I cannot wait.

TheXgamerLive5861d ago

Awesome is all I can say, just awesome!

uuuunvnv25861d ago

these pics were posted on a diffrent site like 2 weeks ago, and then yaken off. there was a 720p shoot that looks so jaw dropping its not even funny(i have it set as my background). its a shame they didnt post that shot again

PS360PCROCKS5861d ago

Yeah that's what I heard about them being posted than taken down, but I personally had never seen these so I figured most of you haven't either...I'd like to see some hi-res shots to...but we all do know this game even in low res still looks unbelievable, and no matter what we will be playing it in 2 months

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