Naughty Dog Regrets Showing Uncharted So Early

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was one of the first PlayStation 3 titles shown during Sony's unveiling conference at E3 2005, and Naughty Dog has been on the frontlines with their Indiana Jones-inspired action adventure title every step of the way since. For some games that works, but when Uncharted became a target for criticism, the folks at Naughty Dog realized maybe they'd made a mistake pulling back the curtain so early, as studio co-presidents Evan Wells said to 1UP last week.

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Darkiewonder3990d ago

Like Nintendo. so our expection is set low and it can only go higher from there :o

Grassroots3990d ago

FF13 comes to mind, while MGS4 is a game I get more excited about the value each new clips I see, or anything I read about it.

rbanke3989d ago

I kind of agree. I know they like to show whats coming to help sell systems (they = all 3 of the consoles). But its pretty annoying hearing about something, getting interested then finding out you have to wait a year or 2 or even 3.

Darkiewonder3989d ago

are Tech Demo or shots because people want to see it. Then it gets close to the final product and what we see is not the same as the original, people get disappointed, that's the thing. ;o

So it's really hard for developers [Can we meet the expectation we set or did we set it so low that people will think it's garbage?]

Shaka2K63990d ago

Naughty Dog should Regret having anything to do with 1crap.

xplosneer3990d ago

"The 1UP Network is currently unavailable. We'll be back online shortly, though, we promise."

Gamerz4life3990d ago

People love suprises, even if its a flaming bag of dog crap. They just love putting the fire out with their brand new shoes.

wetowel3990d ago

Great now looks like we wont know of their next title till about 1 week before its released...

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The story is too old to be commented.