Rolling Out: A History of Transformers Games

GameZone's Robert Workman goes through the history of Transformers games and gives the worst and best of the bunch.

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DemonStration3164d ago

War for Cybertron is the one to play it seems. I still need to check it out

Knightofelemia3164d ago

The PS2 version I liked and War for Cybertron was a great title to play aswell I can't wait for Fall of Cybertron to come out.

Anon19743164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

I used to have a transformers game on my c64 back in the day. Loved that game. Never could get anywhere in this game though. Still played the hell out of it.

Freddy_Millz13164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Poor Ocean, they always tried so hard and never got their $hlt together...much like alot of companies are doing today....still good stuff tho

tigertron3163d ago

Transformers Armada and WFC are by far the best Transformer games. I urge anyone who hasn't yet played them to do so asap.