GameSpot gives 1.5/10 to You Are Empty

Soviet gulags were probably more punishing than You Are Empty, but GameSpot are not taking any bets:

"It's hard to imagine how anybody could make the Stalin-era Soviet Union less appealing than it was in reality, but You Are Empty sure does the trick. However, it's not the game's setting in an alt-history 1950's USSR 'overrun by mutant communists' that pulls off this nifty trick; it's the gameplay itself. This painful exercise in shooter stupidity from Moscow-based Digital Spray Studios is as pleasant as a gulag getaway, an atrocity that will make buyers wish that their wallets had been empty when they took this package up to the cash register."

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theoneandonly3988d ago

GAMESPOT just proved why they are irrelevant...........LOL!!!!!! !

Some people will actually ENJOY this game, and nobody will ever enjoy being in a GULAG thats for sure.

KS19853988d ago

Gamespot, is video games anwser to Jay Sherman (The Critic).

It Stinks!!