Only on PSN ads ,PlayStation 2 downloads & more push PSN Cards to the number 1 spot

Thanks to the new Only on PSN ads & the very good PlayStation Store update this week including being able to download & play PS2 games on non backwards compatible PS3s for the 1st time ever, the $20 Sony PlayStation Network card has become the number 1 seller on Amazon's Video Games Best Sellers list

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sinncross3761d ago

Well get more ps2 classics onto the store

whateva3761d ago

pretty soon they will have to start selling PS3's with 500GB - 1TB harddrives so people will have room for all these games

xAlmostPro3760d ago

I'd like to see the warriors hit the store :D i loved that game

TheClown3760d ago

They should put Yakuza 1 & 2 on the PSN Store. Yakuza 1 is unplayable with the emulation in the 80GB model.

sinncross3760d ago

it wpuld be good for both sony and sega getting the older titles available to help promote the newer ones

Yodagamer3760d ago

I would buy older games on psn if they used an emulator that upscaled the resolution and added an anti aliasing solution, otherwise i would rather find cheap copies for my ps2.

smashcrashbash3760d ago

Yeah people keep saying that but there aren't as many cheap copies or as many copies of the games that they are offering as everyone keeps going on about there are. I don't exactly see God Hand games just sitting around in stores and the cheapest I have seen Odin Sphere for on Ebay is $14.00 at best.

Everyone keeps going on as if everyone in the world can just buy cheap copies of games that aren't even in print anymore.I don't see how searching everywhere for cheap or used copies is easier then just buying it for $10.00 on PSN.

Yodagamer3760d ago

Yea but i'm one to want the physical copy of games, plus i always have luck finding these games, since i live in a bigger city, at pawn shops and family owned gameshops for way cheap

Bzone243760d ago

Most of these Amazon Best Sellers stories are pointless because the list is updated hourly. PSN card at this moment is 3rd and Forza 4 is in the top spot.

ReservoirDog3163760d ago

PSN cards could also be selling because of that CoD membership thing too right?

narutogameking3760d ago

No. You can't buy elite membership yet plus the game is a month away. We also don't know if you can buy Elite through PSN yet....

Anyway I thought blogs weren't allowed........good job N4g mods.....

ReservoirDog3163760d ago

Not true...kinda. It's available for preorder on the ps store for $50. And you get "founder status and the exclusive CoD elite theme" if you preorder it.

So yeah.

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