Sir Howard Stringer On Recharging Sony

Getting Sir Howard Stringer to sit down for a conversation is no easy feat. Since becoming chairman and CEO of Sony (SNE ) in 2005, Stringer has been circling the globe nonstop in the most challenging phase of his executive career. As he has worked to reorganize and reenergize Sony, Stringer, 65, has had to cope with two big crises-the recall of Sony batteries used in millions of laptops and delays in the launch of PlayStation 3. Despite these stumbles, the first Westerner to head the iconic Japanese corporation has driven Sony's net profit and stock price substantially higher during his tenure. Stringer spoke at length with BusinessWeek Editor-in-Chief Stephen J. Adler on a range of topics, from being knighted by Queen Elizabeth to the future of the evening news and whether it makes sense to break Sony apart.

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Milkman5413990d ago

Howard Stringer I think is doing a lot of good for Sony, and when the Playstation 4 or whatever it's called comes out he will never let the things that happened with the PS3 happen again...

ddldave3990d ago

yeah i agree with you, when the ps4 comes out, he will never let the things that happened with the ps3 happen again, such as having a 8 cell core processor, he'll make sure the ps4 gets a 16 cell core processor. and the ps3 having 60 gb memory, he'll make sure the ps4 gets 600 gb memory. and instead of having ps3 games that are superior to the 360, the ps4 will have games that obliterate the xbox 720.

gamesblow3990d ago

Howard won't be around when Ps4 hits, I'll bet ya anything. Also, who's going to make the Ps4? Ken's gone, Jack. Kaz isn't a hardware guy. Neither is Phil Harrison... they're both software guys. Phil actually has the benefit of making games for years, though. Kaz, does not. Ps4 won't be a system. It'll be an upgrade to the ps3 with a better Gfx card and more v-ram. Simple as that.

Well, maybe not even that. As Evan Wells was saying in his latest interview... "With a proficient Hard drive and Blu-ray it's possible to yield so much as 256 mb of v-ram a stream. This will only get better as we're already seeing with ID-softwares new technology and ours, to a lesser degree, here at Naughtydog. So, I feel, Blu-ray is definitely needed for the future of gaming as a whole"

Goodkat3990d ago

I think Sony did everything right with the ps3.The Hardware is absolutely stunning. But the media inferno that occured during launch time was absolutely unbelieveable. I bet you someone paid off every focking mouth in the industry, and in the US the sheep ate the carrot whole. No matter tho, because as the price comes down and the games keep rolling out ps3 will shine like no other.

Mark my words, only ps3 stands the tooth of time
And in that time I believe it will do even better than the ps2 did.

InMyOpinion3990d ago

So he works for Sony now? I'm pretty sure I've seen his face in Viagra commercials...

cuco333989d ago

I thought HD DVD was dead and next gen gaming starts when we say it does...

I thought multiple SKUs would only confuse the public...


Notice how the writer mentions 'crises' due to their laptop batteries and the launch of the PS3? Ouch.

But this was obviously written by an MS fan.