Six Reasons I Don’t Like FPS

Patrick of - "Recently, I've begun to notice that every game is slowly becoming the same. Surely it's not just me, but I'm having a genuine problem telling some games apart these days. It's more than just following a trend like what happened with racing games post-2000 where everything was a street racer. It's a set of points starting with Halo: Combat Evolved and going all the way to modern day."

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Pikajew3278d ago

I am very picky about my FPS games.

I don't get them if it has a grey and black setting
I get them when they are unique (half-life and metroid prime)
I rather have a tropical environment
I don't want respawning enemies
I don't care about the story for an FPS. I care more for gameplay

r213278d ago

isnt half life great for its story?

saladthieves3278d ago

The Half Life series is pretty much up there with the rest of my top First Person Shooters of all time.

I wonder when the Black Mesa mod will be completed...

madpuppy3278d ago

egidem, I am looking so forward to play the Black Mesa mod!

I don't want them to hurry up but, I sure wish they would release it soon.

TheFirstClassic3278d ago

I feel like a good story is important to improve the experience, which is why I liked Killzone 2 better than 3.

ATi_Elite3278d ago

This article reeks of inferiority and the whining of a casual gamer who knows ZERO!

1. the two weapon rule - Go play Half Life or Stalker...on the PC

2. Cover - Go play Half Life or Stalker...on the PC

3. XP based multiplayer - Go play Half Life or Stalker...on the PC

4. Story lines - Go play Half Life or Stalker...on the PC

5. The inevitable co-op waves mode - Go play Half Life or Stalker...on the PC

6. Xbox live is full of complete idiots - Go play Half Life or Stalker...on the PC

there problem solved! If you only play halo and COD your gonna have these issue but branch out and play other FPS (Hard Reset, Nuclear Dawn Red, Orchestra 2 and many others) then you will be playing quality titles.

Me myself I love the FPS....well only the quality ones!

Bigpappy3278d ago

Keep them to yourself. FPS are not all the same!

Xof3278d ago

Maybe not aesthetically, but mechanically the First Person Shooter is right up there with 2D fighters in terms of genres that have evolved the least in the past 2 decades.

palaeomerus3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

What the hell?

Did Faceball 2000, Doom, Witchaven, Borderlands/Dead Island, Portal, Thief, Dark Forces, Mirror's Edge, Bioshock/SystemShock, Morrowind/Oblivion/Fallout3, The Ball, Quake, Unreal, Killzone 2, Tribes, Halo, Team Fortress 2, Blood, Unreal Championship 2, Amnesia the dark Descent, Metroid Prime, Geist, Serious Sam, Starwars: Force Unleashed, Condemned, Outrigger, Red Faction, Maken X, Breakdown, Aliens Vs. Predator (2000), Singularity, Kingpin, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Half Life, Postal, Redneck Rampage, GoldenEye, Vampire the Masquerade: Blood Lines, Battlefield, Left 4 Dead, Prey, No One Lives Forever, Rainbow Six, Painkiller, Crysis and Deus Ex, all just pass you by somehow?

There is a WHOLE DAMNED LOT of variation and evolution going on in FPS games over the last 20 years.

I'm sorry that you either missed it or did not recognize it for what it was.

thats_just_prime3278d ago

In general I agree FPS suck. However there are a couple that I enjoyed.

Jedi Knight 1&2

All of those were great games

DAS6923278d ago Show
mayberry3278d ago

must not have played killzone 2/3. Very great games imho.

dinkeldinkse3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Strongly disagree about Killzone 3(I am starting the habit of explaining why I clicked the disagree button).

madpuppy3278d ago

"I am starting the habit of explaining why I clicked the disagree button"

nothing wrong with that, if a person hits disagree, they should have the mental acumen to be able to explain why.

NewVegasTroop3278d ago

i disagree with you killzone 3 was, no wait,IS great.....

dinkeldinkse3278d ago

I disagree, Killzone 3 is the opposite of a great game. Killzone 3 is to Killzone 2 what the last two levels(and story for those levels) of Deus Ex: Human Revolution are to the rest of the game(and story).

josephayal3278d ago

Fighting games r way better

TheFirstClassic3278d ago

Random and pointless comment as usual bro.

saladthieves3278d ago

Well that's your opinion, one that can't just be applied to everyone else.

ATi_Elite3278d ago

I'd rather play an action RTS than a fighting game proving i can make pointless off topics like josephayal !

But clean it with commenting on how Red Orchestra 2 is the finest FPS shooter out and if the writer of this story would get out the casual isle and into the hardcore gaming isle he would see a HUGE difference in FPS titles.

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