Assassin's Creed Review: 9/10 from GamerNode

GamerNode writes:
"Assassin's Creed introduces so many new and interesting gameplay elements and ideas that it certainly had the potential to be one of the best videogames of all time. However, the fact that the game is the maiden voyage of many different ships restricts it from achieving the perfection that it could very well have been. It may even be better thought of as the foundation for future games to build upon and achieve those lofty goals. Regardless, the final product is still an excellent piece of work, even with its few problems. I can't see the justice in any serious gamer NOT playing this game."

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Mikey_Gee3986d ago

I have never seen a game with such mixed reviews. I almost NEVER buy a single player only game (other than Oblvion) so will rent this to at least give it a try. But the spread of view when it comes to reviews is kind of funny.

Will try for myself and make my own conclusions.

MK_Red3986d ago

Agreed. If there was ever an award for a game with most number of the most mixed, AC would have won the all time award.

As for the game itself, you definitly should try it and its a must buy IMO but AC is indeed a love/hate affair and I'm one that loves it.

ASSASSYN 36o3986d ago

I agree if it is so bad why the heck am I enjoying the heck out of fighting 25 enemies at the same time and systematically killing them.

mesh13986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

tbh i thought AC suck ass so i didn't buy it, then yerstaday 1 of my m8s said it was a good game so i decided ok ill give it a try 2 hours into the game i laughed at the mixed reviews asassins creed is a solid 9/10 game the amount of detail in this game is outstanding its is deff1 of the best looking game this year and in terms of graphics looks better than halo3/bioshock/uncharted/ in my opinion but 1 thing i found it the idea they had pushed in the e.3 showing was a lie they shud have been more honest that this was a mixx of platforming and action with a very slight rpg side to it but over all great game and also how the story unfolds is poor and dos not compliment this amazing looki game its liek when ur playing it u want more but still its an amazing game that bring smuch more to the table than games liek gears of war/uncharted /rachet and clank mm have i missed out on any popcorn no braner games ?.

MK_Red3986d ago

I'm with you. AC is seriously fun and better than most of 2077 games (Though not better than BioShock IMO).

mesh13986d ago

hehe ofc bioshock is a better game bu ti was implyign the look of the game haha i suck at putting my thougth across as u can tell i suffer from dixlecia which mess with me when typing sometimes but yeah bioshock i must say is the bst game ive played this year hoping mass effect will b better than it in terms of story telling and immersiveness to the game

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MonkeyChief3986d ago

Yeah this is a really fun game.
I love when the rooftop guards are all "you shouldn't be up here"
And I'm all "WTF man?"
-Throws Dagger-
-Powns guard, guard falls off building into other guards-
-Chase sequence begins-
Also, I don't like the way after a certain amount of time in the Animus you're dragged out into the present day.
It sucks.=/
Killing the Templars is fun.=]
They shout abuse at you then you HiddenDagger them to the throat.