Unreal Tournament III Review: 8/10

There are nearly as many flavors of the first-person shooter as there are Eskimo words for snow. Unreal Tournament III belongs to the same genus as Quake and Halo-the over-the-top, science-fiction-themed frag-fest. And while the game shares the same bulky, space-marine-styled heroes, exaggerated physics, and nutso weapons as its compatriots, there's enough happening in Unreal Tournament III for it to stand on its own two rocket-boots.

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MK_Red4075d ago

The demo was pretty sweet though UT gameplay is always sweet IMO. With so many MP modes and a singleplayer, I think it will get better scores soon. UT2004 got 9.6 from GameSpot and many more 9s from other reviewers. Original also got GOTY worthy scores and reviews. Hope UT3 can do the same and only this one is a 8/10.

SmokeyMcBear4075d ago

its not on the 360 (yet).. so don't expect anything above a 9.5

toughNAME4075d ago

SmokeyMcBlunt -- your clearly less intelligent than the average man, but man that was funny take a bubble

The Dude4075d ago

How is this a multi platform review? If this was general news I could see the 3 platforms used but its not....
PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360 | PC

TheMART4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

"Main character Malcolm shares the same protein-shake build and grizzled attitude as Marcus Fenix from Epic's other awesome shooter, Gears Of War. The comparisons stop there. The two games feel and play very differently."

So Gears of War is the better game? Great

"Frustration sets in when: If you aren't a PC gamer, you're going to have to wait until March 2008 to play the game on the PlayStation 3."

PS3 gamers won't get it this Christmas? Bummer

@ SmokeyMcCunt

Too bad the 360 gets the better multiplatform version of a game indeed, and getting higher reviews for it. You're right


to those below. The score is 8 out of 10, right? Gears of War is on an average of 94%

So I guess Gears is the better game then

MK_Red4075d ago

Did you actually read the review? It says games are partially similair only in their main characters.
What part of the article says UT3 is worse or better? And if anything, UT3 has to be better because it's Epic's main franchise and is the one that has been considered one of the best multiplayer series of all time.

fopums4075d ago

you really need a gf marty.....

d3l33t4075d ago

the mart; face it, you're a hater.

You cant play the game so there is one thing to do; make it out to suck, be average, be delayed, (insert whatever pessimistic comment you please here) but at the end of the day, you're opinion really doesn't change the face of this game. So do everyone a favor and keep your uneducated comments to yourself and leave the real talk to the big boys KThnxBi

Peekay4075d ago

Gears is a third person shooter while UT3 is first person.
I'm really disappointed in this review - was expecting a lot more!
@ Red - Bro where did you get the 8/10 from?! i just cant find it.

MK_Red4075d ago

Peekay, I'm also disappointed in the review. Hope other sites give it higher scores.
As for 8/10, it's from GameRankings where I first got the link.

bootsielon4075d ago

"So Gears of War is the better game? Great."

I love it how you always want to make it seem as if your opinion was implied in others reviews.

Then you have to come out with a retarded remark like that. "Bummer. Ouch. Great". Cut the hyperbole, jackass.

SmokeyMcBear4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

aw looks like the little guy decided to have some fun with inserting letters to make new words.. nice man, i bet you used up a couple of brain cells to think of that one. I like the personal attacks.. shows im getting under your skin.. good, only fools and last resorts choose to do personal attacks...i guess you need a score by a number to validated your existance.. what a piece of $hit life you must have.. enjoy it

Peekay4075d ago

hmmm according to Metacritic - the same review is at 75:

this review sounds a bit dodge in general...

mesh14075d ago

tbh i epxpect lower marks for this game as i was 1 that got into FPS due to ut series /quake etc and cant belive how bad the ut3 demo was on th epc to state this game does not come close to lookign as good as gears of war on pc with every thing turned high, and tis is gears on the 360the game feels so boring no sense of gratification the aiming is a mess its becom a blind fire game the projectile aimig when u fir soemthing its like epic didnt calculte the rigt sspeed that bullets are relased this game is a big dissapointment fo rme the vehicle are terrible all feel the same donno but i wanted ut2004 with next gen grapics this failed to do that

MK_Red4075d ago

WTH... Thanks for the info Peekay.
The GRankings was 8 when I posted the story. It looks like the mixed and contradicting affair of review sites has affected the ranking/meta sites.

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iceice1234075d ago

Yeah sucks, ports are always better on the 360. :)

SmokeyMcBear4075d ago

hmm.. you are almost right... fact is they are rated better.. well almost always.. rated and actually being better.. are two totally different things.

Shaka2K64075d ago

If gears of short got decent scores back in the day, UT3 should be the best fps this year next to Haze.

toughNAME4075d ago

your right, UT3 should.

Microsoft must have paid off this review...of a PC game

...wait a sec...

DiabloRising4075d ago

And it gets an 8? Explain! Great visuals, great balancing, speed, and fun. Tons of modes (I swear by Assault and Onslaught) and a great mod community. And it gets an 8? *sigh* They should have just named it Unreal Haloment 4.

Reviews today have just been proving to me how... poor gaming "journalism" has become.

d3l33t4075d ago

no joke man, its time to reform; who's to trust? Why? It's so hard now adays :(

Back in the day, i used to open a magazine, and be able to at least gauge whats good or not. Now it's a sea of chaos!

MK_Red4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

"how... poor gaming "journalism" has become."

It's becoming a really stupid thread with some reviews. Praising the game in the review and yet giving it a lower than expected score that is definitly not as high as the text review describes it.

Also agreed with d3l33t. Magazine and site reviews were once rather helpfull. It's now just chaos.

DiabloRising4075d ago

Indeed, all I ask is that the review BODY equals the review SCORE.

Example -

Bioshock = 10 hour game/no multiplayer/great fun = AAA
Uncharted = 10 hour game/no multiplayer/great fun = zomg nother phaled exclusive, 7.5!

Of course, that's a simplification, but the bias and hate from reviewers, and the lack of standards in most gaming journalism is just being more and more evident to me the older I get and the more I look at gaming as a career path and art form and not just a hobby. The design teams deserve better than this.

SmokeyMcBear4075d ago

yeah.. this is something that baffles me.. from the DEVELOPERS OWN MOUTH.. the graphics are better than gears of war.. and UT is the epitomy of what a first person shooter should be, but i guess people like bunny hopping made men, rather than pure fast paced fun. Maybe they suck.. that other FPS set in alien worlds is more of a pick and play kind of thing, if you arent used to UTIII it wont be fun, for a while

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