IGN: The 25 Worst Video Game Stock Photos

Guess what, gamers? Photographers think you're a bunch of idiots.

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Pikajew2570d ago

I lol'd at most of them

pangitkqb2570d ago

Me too. Divorce that bit** is my favorite.

zeal0us2570d ago

-"Divorce that b*tch."

-"Does paying for sex count as DLC?"

My favorites.

kma2k2570d ago

"It's like the Cheeto fart version of those Maxell commercials" instant classic!

WiIIiam2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

"Clean your lunch off the floor, you disaster." So true.

BuffMordecai2570d ago

The creepy old man at the bottom made me lol.

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